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  • I was born on January 31
  • I am nonbinary
  • Bio Chrissie "Astro" Miille is a Fan Contributor for FANDOM and an admin on the Danny Phantom Wiki. When not watching Danny Phantom, Voltron, DuckTales, or Star Trek, she's usually neck-deep in another fandom, listening to Michael Jackson, writing, or stargazing.
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Here we go...

Hey-o, <insert name here> ! I'm Chrissie a.k.a. Astro! *<|:D

Proud to be a honorary member of the Pines family now. :)

What I like in Gravity Falls

S1e19 bill snap
This user loves Bill Cipher because he has a certain charm.
Dipper promo art
This user likes Dipper because he reminds me of me.
S1e7 number 2 tyrone
This user likes Double Dipper because it has that cozy-adventure-y dance charm.
S1e12 this is a mask
This user loves Summerween because what's not to love?.
S1e17 Sev&#039;ral Timez3
This user loves Boyz Crazy because it's one of the best episodes.
S2e12 stanford and stanley
This user loves A Tale of Two Stans because of Ford's "portal" outfit.
S2e17 screaming bg
This user LOVES Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future because of the UFO and Ford!.
S2e20 last view of Gravity Falls
This user worships Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls because "it's too dope!".

Favorite Pics

My favorite pages/Random Info

Journal 3 Book Cover
This user owns Gravity Falls: Journal 3

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