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|minions =
|minions =
|enemies =
|enemies =
|likes =
|likes =Gravity Falls (duh...)<br>Playing Violin/Saxophone<br>Singing<br>Dancing<br>Acting
|dislikes =
|dislikes =
|powers =
|powers =
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==My Favorite Episodes==
==My Favorite Episodes==
===Season 1===
#[[Gideon Rises]]
#[[Carpet Diem]]
#[[Tourist Trapped]]
#[[Land Before Swine]]

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My History With Gravity FallsEdit

I've always loved Gravity Falls since I started watching it. I never knew about the mysteries in it. For example I previously thought that the cryptogram at the end of each episode was just a random thing they write.

In the middle of Season 2 I saw these theory videos on You-Tube and videos about all of the easter eggs in Gravity Falls. I learned decoding started to have my own theories and I basically went insane! I also discovered this wikia and I saw all the amazing things fans write about, so I signed in. I love making edits in this wikia, even though I'm not a pro . Now, I can't spend a day without Gravity Falls stuff!:)

My Favorite EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Gideon Rises
  2. Dreamscaperers
  3. Carpet Diem
  4. Tourist Trapped
  5. Land Before Swine


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My favorite pagesEdit

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