aka 898989

  • I live in Weird of west(XD)
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is Solving those cryptograms
  • I am You can figure it out. You're smart.

Awesomeness comes in many flavors, Friendship, Kindness, Motivation And Determination~Label mines aka Amiami89

Hi! My name is Lebam! heheheheh, nah, i wish. im not mabel's twin, Im her fantasy friend! and my symbol on the bil cipher wheel would be a, um, a bow..because i usually wear those. and,im also, Ami89! so please call me ami,or Mabel, because my friends in real life think im like mabel, but i don't wear those cute sweaters! D=

Lets see, i don't have a twin, but i have a brother. he's not on here, though i urge him to be on here. and i have been on my acc for 3 years.=) so thats pretty cool. And im SUPER friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me, ok?(i won't bite!)

Im currently in school and when i get home to do my hw, i switch on gravity falls on my tv. Because its AWESOME SAUCE!!! and my favorite characters is Mabel pines and waddles(est.2013)


~Schmabel(lol XD PS: When i was visiting family in california, i lost a watch in a lake. (it wasn't a pretty watch,just one of those blackish white ones and im not sure if it was in LA or piedmont or somewhere. i just remember that watch).True story!

And i now just relized my birthday(the day not the year) is 3 days before Alex hirsch's..whoa....

EDIT: My friends told me i never put dipper in my avatar. So today I did!

Couples i support


couples i don't support

Dipann(dipper and ann summers?)

stan and wendy

Soos and wendy(no,just no)

dipper and grenda(for some reason...)

Favorite episodes

The hand that rocks the Mabel

The deep end

Tourist trapped(do you need a lie down?lol XD)

Bottomless pit(i LOVED dipper and soos stories!)

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