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My Favourites

Hi guys. I'm Alexandra and I like Gravity Falls. I also adore Katy Perry. She is just spectacular! Before I go any further, I should tell you 3 things I like.

Favourite Gravity Falls Character: Wendy Corduroy

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Celebrity: Katy Perry (Of Course!)

Gravity Falls

Let's get going on our trip to the Mystery Shack! I said this earlier. My favourite character is Wendy Corduroy. I like Mabel too. But I like redheads! Anyway, here are some photos of Mabel Pines and Wendy Corduroy. Now you that I like Mabel as weII. I bet you noticed that 2 of the photos are about the episode, Summerween. I write stories and one of my characters,Trudy Shapiro is like Mabel Pines. And I'm happy about it. Another one of my characters has red-orange hair. Well, I did say I liked redheads.I hate Pacifica.

My Katy Perry Favourites 

Well I also said I was a Katy Perry fan too! She really inspires me. The 2012 movie, Part Of Me by Katy Perry is awesome! It was really connecting to me. My friend is also a Katy Perry fan. Although she hasn't seen the movie, she really connects to Katy and herself as well.

  My Favourite Katy Perry Songs (Top 6):

  1. E.T.

    2.Wide Awake

    3.California Gurls    

    4.Teenage Dream                     

    5.Part Of Me    

    6.I Kissed A Girl                                  

You watch/listen to these songs on Youtube or iTunes. We're all different in some way so you might have a different list. I usually draw a picture of Katy Perry when I'm bored. You can also find How To Draw Katy Perry videos on Youtube.

My Favourite Live Performances (Top 3):

  1. Katy Perry Live at Times Square
  2. Katy Perry Live at Rio de Janeiro
  3. Katy Perry-Firework at Victoria's Secret fashion show

Watch these on Youtube. You might prefer Live at Rio de Janeiro as 1st.

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