Upside-Down Town is the "nausea capital" of Oregon. It consists of a house that has been placed upside down, with patrons using velcro shoes to stick the floors that have the seemingly furry side of velcro and explore the building.


In "Roadside Attraction", after getting payback on Granny Sweetkin, Stan, Dipper, Mabel, Candy, Grenda and Soos' next destination is at Upside Down Town. After Dipper flirts with Emma Sue to get her phone number and accidentally gets Candy to develop a crush on him, Stan and Soos turn the attraction right-side up and leave in a hurry. After a woman comments that his house is lovely and normal, the boss yells "Stan Pines!" In some way the house later gets "avenged" as its boss vandalized Stan's property with the other Tourist Trap Owners.


Season 2

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