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|name = Unnamed soul patch man in blue
|image = S1e13 Royal order logo.png
|first = [[Irrational Treasure]]
|last = [[Not What He Seems]]
|voice =
|occupation =
|alliance =
|home = [[Gravity Falls, Oregon]]
|friends =
|likes = [[Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree]]; [[Gravity Falls Pool]]; [[Pony Heist]]; mini golf
|dislikes = Zombies
The '''soul patch man in blue''' is a resident of [[Gravity Falls, Oregon]].
===Season 1===
In "[[Irrational Treasure]]," he is among the townspeople watching the wagons circle [[Stanmobile|Stan's car]].
In "[[The Time Traveler's Pig]]," he attends the [[Mystery Fair]]. He is also seen visiting the Miserable [[Mabel Pines|Mabel]] attraction in the future without [[Waddles]].
In "[[Fight Fighters]]," he is at [[Smokey Joe's All You Can Eat]] buffet.
In "[[Boss Mabel]]," he is in the Gift Shop when Mabel is running the Shack after [[Wendy Corduroy|Wendy]] and [[Soos Ramirez|Soos]] leave.
In "[[TV Shorts 1]]," [[Stan Pines|Stan]] tries to steal his wallet.
In "[[Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie]]," he watches ''[[Pony Heist]]''.
===Season 2===
In "[[Scary-oke]]," he attends the grand re-opening party at the [[Mystery Shack]]. He later runs in fear with the others, believing the ground shaking was an earthquake.
In "[[The Golf War]]," he is seen at [[Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt]] playing mini-golf.
In "[[Sock Opera]]," he attends Mabel's [[Glove Story: A Sock Opera|sock puppet show]].
He is seen at the [[Gravity Falls Mall]] in "[[Soos and the Real Girl]]."
He wears a teal, v-neck shirt, brown shorts, and brown shoes. His hair is brown, with a lighter-colored streak by the widow's peak. He has a soul patch as his only facial hair.
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