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The rich man is a wealthy resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

He has a son that he spoils, as seen in the episode "Fight Fighters."


Season 1

Perfect score.

In "Fight Fighters," the man gives his son an expensive car for his birthday, only to have it be destroyed by a rampaging Rumble McSkirmish. As his son is disappointed, his father reassures him that due to their extensive wealth they'll simply purchase an replacement.

In "Boss Mabel," the rich man is among those attending auditions to be on Cash Wheel, and gathers among the crowd during Stan's fake heart attack.

Season 2

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," he attends Preston and Priscilla Northwest's lavish party with his son. Later during the party, he is briefly turned into wood along with the other fellow partygoers by the vengeful ghost of Northwest Manor.


The man is incredibly serene due to his reliance on wealth, as he shows almost no concern for the expenses lost on his son's damaged car. Despite this calm aesthetic, he seems to show great concern over Stan's heart attack, indicating that the man is aware of the extent of what money can do in certain dilemmas.


Rich man appearance.png

He wears a white dress shirt with gold cufflinks, under a pink sweater vest with an orange diamond pattern that goes across the chest. He has blonde hair and mustache and atop his head is perched a pair of brown sunglasses. To complete his outfit, he wears gray dress pants and brown dress shoes with a white bottom.


Season 1

Season 2


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