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The man in white is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

In "Boss Mabel", he takes a tour at the Mystery Shack.

In "Gideon Rises", he is among the crowd of Gideon fans, as Lil Gideon announces his plans for Gideonland.

Season 2

In "Scary-oke", he attends the "Mystery Shack is Back" party.

He is seen at Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt in "The Golf War".

In "The Love God", he is seen at the Woodstick festival.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery", he is in the crowd of common-folk stationed outside of Northwest Manor to get a peek at the fanciness of the Northwests' party.


He is a tan-skinned, heavyset man with brown hair and a brown goatee. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, and white socks in brown sandals.


Season 1

Season 2


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