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The unnamed man in cat sweater is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


The unnamed man in cat sweater debuts in "Boss Mabel," where he attempts to insert his bill in the vending machine, but the machine doesn't accept it, so Mabel takes his money and irons the bill, until the machine accepts it, then she pushes the button he wanted to press and leaves, the man is astonished. Later he, like the rest of the customers run away scared when the Gremoblin escapes.

He reappears for the last time in "Scary-oke," where he can be seen during the reopenning party and runs away scared when Dipper wakes up the zombies.


He has peach-fair skin and has a rounded face, he has a pointy nose and his body complexion is between slender and portly. He wears a black sweater with the figure of a cat and wears blue-gray jeans with black and red shoes.


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Season 2


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