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The unnamed man in brown is a resident from Gravity Falls, Oregon.


The man appears for the first time in "Boss Mabel," as one of the many tourists Dipper has to take in another ride and shows them Soos as the "Baby Question" and reacts scared, Dipper says they can take pictures with him, the man then gets happy and pays for one photo, later he leaves after buying many things.

The man reappears in "Scary-oke," attending Stan's reopenning of the Mystery Shack at the beginning of the episode. Later he can be seen in the party, but thanks to Dipper waking up the zombies, he runs away scared like the townsfolk.

The man reappears in "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls" as one of the people safe from Bill's throne, he can be seen in the background watching Ford preparing the Zodiac and leaves with the remaining townsfolk when Ford demands it.


He has peach fair skin, with a slender complexion, he has brown hair and has a large mustache. He has an oval face and wears a green cap. His outfit consist in an orange-brown shirt with green pants, he wears black shoes, although they're blue at times.


Season 1

Season 2


  • For some reason, during his appearances in season 2, his shoes change from black to blue in some scenes.


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