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|occupation = Lawyer<ref name="Ep111">{{Cite episode|111}}</ref>
|occupation = Lawyer<ref name="Ep111">{{Cite episode|111}}</ref>

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S1e6 dipper birthmark transparent So that's how you got your nickname...
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The unnamed lawyer is under Gideon Gleeful's employ.


In "Little Dipper," he comes to the Mystery Shack claiming that Stan has won a million dollar check from Winninghouse Coupon Savers contest, until it is revealed to be a trick by Gideon in an attempt to steal the Mystery Shack.


He wears a dark blue suit over a white polo, and a red and yellow striped tie. He has gray and black hair in a comb over haircut, a large square jaw and a long nose.

Alex Hirsch's Twitter prank

Just before the premiere of "Little Dipper," Alex Hirsch posted on twitter a picture of the "Unnamed Lawyer," claiming that it was "Mitt Romney's appearance in an upcoming Gravity Falls episode" and that Stan Pines and he would bond over a "love of not paying taxes."[2] He later posted that the comment was a prank.[3]


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