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The unnamed hillbilly is a frequently appearing background character in Gravity Falls.


S1e8 covered wagon

The hillbilly riding a wagon with the Mabel and Dipper lookalikes.

The hillbilly first appears in "Tourist Trapped" among a group of tourists at the Mystery Shack, asking if Rock That Looks Like a Face Rock also looked like a rock. In "Irrational Treasure", he celebrates Pioneer Day with most of the town, initially riding a wagon with the Mabel and Dipper Lookalikes and helping surround Grunkle Stan's car. Later, he attends the wedding of a man and a woodpecker.

S1e10 soos introducing arcade

The hillbilly playing a videogame.

He attends the Mystery Fair in "The Time Traveler's Pig". Like many other patrons, he is angered by Stan mocking them about not being able to dunk him, is disappointed when the ball thrown by Dipper does not dunk Stan and cheers when Lolph manages to finally put him in the water with his laser. The hillbilly plays a videogame featuring the recurring illuminati figure at the arcade in "Fight Fighters".


The hillbilly is rather unintelligent, as shown by his question about Rock That Looks Like a Face Rock looking like a rock. He seems to be quite friendly, as shown by his wave to the Pines in "Irrational Treasure," though he can be angered when people mock him.[2] He enjoys playing video games[3]


The man looks like a stereotpical hillbilly. He has brown hair worn in a mullet, a rather tall head, bags under his eyes, a large nose, missing teeth and sparse facial hair. He is thin and a light skin tone. He usually wears tattered, blue overalls, white socks and brown sandals. For unknown reasons, he is missing part most of his right pinky finger.


Season 1



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