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The unnamed girl with purple sweater is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 2

She first appears in "Double Dipper," she's among the people that makes a line to enter the Mystery Shack.

In "Boyz Crazy," she attends Sev'ral Timez concert and holds a sign while cheering for them.

In "Gideon Rises," she's among the crowd celebrating the Mystery Shack closure. Later in the episode she along the townsfolk go to the explosion and runs away due Stan's reckless driving. Later we see her shocked and angry when Stan reveals that Gideon is a fraud.


She's among the audience during the short "Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie", watching the movie Pony Heist and laughs at Mabel's joke.

Season 2

In "The Golf War," she can be seen playing mini-golf in Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt along the rest of the townsfolk.

She doesn't appear physically in "The Love God," but Mabel makes a figure of her while trying to look a match for Robbie, but she qualifies her as "Too Young".

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," she's among the townsfolk waiting outside of the manor waiting to enter to the Northwest Fest. Later thanks to Pacifica she, along the townsfolk enter and she can be seen talking with Pizza Guy at the party.


She's a tall girl with fair skin and freckless, she has red hair that ends in a ponytail and she has a long neck. Her main outfit consist in a purple sweater with a yellow t-shirt and puple dress in different tones and red shoes.


Season 1


Season 2


  • Despite her appearance she's not a teenager, Mabel labels her as "Too Young" to date Robbie in "The Love God." Meaning she's still a girl.
  • Despite being in the line to enter Stan's party in "Double Dipper," she's never seen inside the party.
  • She looks very similar to Vicky from "The Fairly Oddparents."


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