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The boy in green is a resident of Gravity Falls and one of Mabel's many crushes. He gains a ‘rigged’ letter from Mabel, asking ‘Do you like me?’ With the answers being ‘yes’, ‘definitely’ and ‘absolutely’.


Season 1

In "Tourist Trapped," the boy is seen at the Mystery Shack; he gets a note from Mabel asking him if he likes her (with the response options being "Yes", "Definitely" and Absolutely"). He reads it aloud uneasily before Mabel whispers, "I rigged it!".

He appears in "Double Dipper" seen whispering something into Smabble's ear as Mabel is dancing.

In "The Deep End," he is seen settling on a chair at Gravity Falls Pool.

In "Carpet Diem," he is seen on Main Street with the Soldier Kid.

Season 2

He reoccurs as an illusion by the doing of the Love God in episode "The Love God." To try and get the potion from Mabel, he along with the other illusions of her failed romances tries to woo her to which he does by answering the note she gave to him before and answering them to her liking. However, Dipper hits the illusions, causing he and the others to disappear.

He is seen in "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality" inside Mabeland. Shortly after Dipper asks "This is Mabel's prison?," he answers "Yes! Definitely! Absolutely!".


There is little known about his personality but that he seems weirded out from rigged letter out of nowhere.


Unnamed boy in green.png

He has fairly messy brown hair and wears black sneakers with a green T-shirt with baggy long sleeves. He seems to be slouching.


Season 1

Season 2


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