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The blonde man in pink is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

In "The Time Traveler's Pig," he attends the Mystery Fair.

In "The Deep End," he cools off in the Gravity Falls Pool.

Season 2

In "Sock Opera," he is seen attending Glove Story: A Sock Opera.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," he's among the town's people trying to catch a glance of the party inside the Northwest Manor. He also managed to get inside the party after Pacifica opened the main gate.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate," he is at the town meeting to discuss the new mayor, and among the voters throwing bird seed during the Friday debate.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," he is stacked in Bill's Throne.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," he is seen in the throne again.


He is a fair-skinned man, with blonde hair. He wears a red and white hat, a pink t-shirt with a yellow circle and blue pants.


Season 1

Season 2


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