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The Northwest butler is a butler who works for the Northwests. He has shown to be given bigger, more important jobs than the other servants.


Mabel in awe of the Nothwest's "fancy man."

On the night of the annual Northwest Fest, the butler lets Pacifica Northwest and the others into the Northwest Manor when Dipper is brought along to help stop the haunting going on. Mabel Pines, in awe of the fanciness of everything, touches his face and says that the Northwests even have a "fancy man." Some time after, more guests arrive and he lets them in. When Marius von Fundshauser arrives separately, the butler announces his arrival. When Dipper captures the Ghost of Northwest Manor, the Northwests have the butler shake Dipper's hand to thank him, but only for a short time, then Priscilla Northwest says "that's enough."

When the ghost escapes and returns to the manor, the ghost turns everyone in the manor to wood. The butler escapes into the panic room along with Preston and Priscilla Northwest. When Preston tells Pacifica to get into the panic room he says that "there are enough mini-sandwiches and oxygen to last Pacifica, himself, and a butler a full week." He quietly adds that they will "eat the butler."

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," he is stacked in Bill's throne.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," he is still stacked in the throne.


He has light, baggy skin and his eyes are always closed. He has a few strands of brown hair parted on the left, and a brown mustache.


Season 2


The man opening the door looks almost identical to the unnamed butler.

  • When announcing the arrival of Marius, the man who opens the door to the Northwest manor looks exactly like the butler except his hair and skin color are swapped and his hair is parted on the other side.


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