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The unnamed "Lil' Stanley" fan is a resident from Gravity Falls, Oregon.


The kid makes it's first and only appearance at the end of the tale "Comix It Up!" from "Gravity Falls: Lost Legends," after Soos convinces Stan to continue to fight for his childhood dream of becoming a comic artist and continue making more "Lil' Stanley" comics, Stan is worried that nobody will like it due what has happened before to him. In that moment this kid comes to the Mystery Shack and reads "Lil' Stanley" and actually likes it and buys it. Making Stan to cry from happiness and embrace all of his comic books.


The kid has brown skin and has freckles and has a round nose and black hair, he wears a purple hoodie and light blue jeans with black shoes.



"A book for kids that has swears in it!"
—The kid after reading Lil' Stanley.[source]

—The kid enjoying Lil' Stanley.[source]

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