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Unicorns are mythological creatures who make their first physical appearance in "The Last Mabelcorn."


Unicorns are composed of various bright and vivid colors, with their manes usually composed of differing shades of their main color, with some exceptions where their manes are rainbow-colored. Unlike horses, they have long tails that resemble mules' and white spiral horns protruding from their foreheads, which glow with a different color for each unicorn whenever they talk or play rave music.

Their tears and blood are liquid rainbows, which can kill plant-life. In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", a red unicorn is seen partially frozen to stone by Eye-Bats, indicating that some non-human creatures have also been captured by Bill Cipher's gang.


Externally, unicorns appear to be majestic beings who are said to be "pure of heart." However, during "The Last Mabelcorn," it is shown that unicorns are actually rude and aloof, with Ford claiming that dealing with unicorns is actually very frustrating. They have been known to lie to humans, claiming that the human is not "pure of heart," in an attempt to get them to leave. They are also extremely selfish and refuse to share their belongings (especially their hair) with humans. They seem to dislike the presence of humans in general, as they make repeated attempts to get them to leave and act hostile towards them. They can also be violent when angered and are not adverse to fighting others. however, if they have met their match, they are more than willing to give up their valuables, just to make them leave.


In "The Last Mabelcorn," Celestabellebethabelle claims that a unicorn's horn can see deep into a person's soul and see if they are pure of heart or not. She repeatedly tells Mabel that she is not pure of heart; therefore, she cannot have a lock of her hair. Later on in the episode, the other unicorns come in and reveal the actual purpose of their horns: to point to the nearest rainbow and play rave music (with flashing neon lights).


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