Tyrone is Dipper's first completed clone, created by the cloning copy machine in the episode "Double Dipper."


Season 1

Tyrone was created to help Dipper impress Wendy. Dipper was going to call him "Number 2," but Tyrone refused to be called that and then suggests "the name [they] always wanted;" Tyrone. He worked at the ticket booth so Dipper could execute his plan to get Wendy to like him. When Robbie shows up, the two devise a plan to distract him by having Clones 3 and 4 steal his bike.

S1e7 dipper and tyrone in attic

Tyrone and Dipper talking.

When Soos plays a slow song, Dipper fails to ask Wendy to dance. Tyrone, Dipper, and the other clones revise Dipper's original plan.

When Dipper strays from the revised plan, Tyrone and the other clones turn on him. They attempt to prevent Dipper from dancing with Wendy by locking him in a closet, and Tyrone nominates himself to dance with her because he is the oldest clone, but the newest clone nominates himself since he is the newest clone. While the clones argue about who gets to dance with Wendy, Dipper escapes. The clones recapture Dipper and a brawl between the clones and Dipper ensues.

S1e7 farewell tyrone

The Pitt-cola dissolves Tyrone

Dipper uses the smoke created from a party popper to set off a fire sprinkler, melting Clones 5 through 10 and Paper Jam Dipper. Dipper and Tyrone continue the fight but stop when they see that Robbie has returned. Dipper and Tyrone go to Wendy's hiding spot on the roof after their failure and have sodas, which accidentally melts Tyrone. His last words are a request for Dipper not to over-complicate his attempts to win Wendy's affection, for his sake.

Season 2

In "The Last Mabelcorn" when Dipper's memories are being displayed on screen with the uses of Project Mentem one of them reads, "I miss Tyrone!"


Tyrone is a copy of Dipper Pines, meaning he has the exact same personality. He tends to be more sympathetic and loyal compared to the other clones. He is a helpful person, but sometimes wants his own way. An example of this being him desiring to stick to the plan because he didn't experience some things that the original Dipper did.


Tyrone looks exactly like Dipper Pines, except that his skin, hair and clothes are paper. He does not wear the black bow tie which Dipper wears in the episode, and he doesn't have a blue pine tree on the front of his hat; instead, #2 is drawn on there in black marker.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Not counting Paper Jam Dipper, Tyrone is the only clone to have a name, while the others only have a number.


"I don't know man, I hope so. We're making zero progress the way we're doing it."
—Tyrone talking to Dipper.[source]

"Dipper, please. This is you we're talking about."


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