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"Two Kings"[1] is a song played over an image montage of Stan's and his trusty statue Goldie's Las Vegas misadventures during the ending credits of "Soos and the Real Girl."

Far later in "Weirdmageddon Part 1," a remixed version of the song plays on the radio of Bill Cipher's car while he drives his demon friends to a party in celebration his success of starting Weirdmageddon. Later in the episode, Dipper and Wendy use the Edgy On Purpose store as a bunker and rename it "Fort Cash Money."


Two kings
Cash money
(Cash money)
In the car with honeys

Drivin' way too fast,
I got water in my glass
(Cash money)

Grabbin' planes
You can't stop the party
(Cash money)

We're old but we're awesome
We're gonna get married

It's a great idea,
Who are you to judge?

This was a mistake


Season 2


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