Tumbleweed Terror is a western themed pinball machine that Soos, Dipper, and Mabel were once trapped in.[1] It was made by Ballway Games in Redmond, Washington.


Season 1

Tumbleweed Terror has been in the basement of the Mystery Shack for a long time, and has been played by people with usernames "SAL", "GAFF", and "POO”, who had all gotten the highest scores. In an attempt to beat these three, Soos spent four years playing the game.

After losing a life, Soos, with the help of Dipper and Mabel, beats the high score by cheating, tilting the machine in order to control where the ball goes. The skull in the game realizes this and sucks them into the machine. Disgusted by their dishonesty, the skull attempts to punish them by using the features of the game, for example, the "multi-ball" setting where a series of pinballs are spewed from the skull's mouth. The trio plans to escape by pressing the off button, allowing the game to be shut down, with Dipper and Mabel distracting the skull while Soos enters the inner working. However, Soos learns that if it is turned off, all data will be removed, including his high score. The skull then attempts to suck Dipper and Mabel inside itself, urging Soos to turn it off. After thinking it over, Soos decides to press the off button. The game is shut down, and they return to normal.

Season 2

At some point, the game was moved into the attic of the Mystery Shack, and is seen in the background during "Sock Opera."


The skull head on the top part of the middle of the machine wears a cowboy hat and talks with a western accent. It can't see everything that goes on in the machine, as shown when Soos, Mabel and Dipper hide inside the cardboard tavern, although mostly this is because it cannot move or turn. However, it does control everything that happens inside the machine on the actual board, such as when it launched a "multi-ball" attack. It can be deceived and flustered fairly easily, but it will not hesitate to punish anyone who doesn't play by the rules.


Season 1

Season 2




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