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Tubby Tusk Root Beer is a brand of root beer enjoyed by pirate lilliputtians.


After successfully sinking Mabel Pines' golf ball at their pirate course, and shoot back Pacifica Northwest's ball into her mouth, the pirate lilliputians celebrate. One pirate waiting on top a can of the drink, uses it's hook hand to poke open holes and release fountains of the beer into the awaiting tankards of the other lilliputians.


The liquid is brown and bubbly. Tubby Tusk Root Beer comes in aluminum cans. It has a blue sticker on front with the words "Tubby Tusk" in white and "Root Beer" in bubbly brown letters with bubbles floating inside. Underneath the words is the Tubby Tusk mascot, a fierce looking walrus wearing pirate getup.


Season 2

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