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Tracey and Quattro are the only two surviving Dipper clones after the events of "Double Dipper."


Season 1

Tracey was created to steal Robbie's bike as part of the plan to win Wendy's affections. After he voices concerns that Robbie would catch him, Dipper agrees to create another clone, which gets caught in a paper jam. Tracey refuses to work with Paper Jam Dipper, so Dipper creates another clone, Quattro. Later, Tracey and Quattro steal Robbie's bike and ride away. They aren't seen during the new plan montage or clone fight.

Season 2

Tracey and Quattro are seen in the credits of "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," wearing raincoats in order to survive. Tracey is playing the banjo, while Quattro is reading a book.


Just like the other Dipper clones, their personality is exactly the same as Dipper. Although they both like plans more, as evident by the chart in Journal 3, also like the other clones. They also hate Dipper for what he did to the rest of the clones and are supposedly plotting revenge according to the cryptograms in Lost Legends.


Tracey and Quattro are both exact copies of Dipper, and so look exactly the same, albeit with paper skin, hair and clothes in more desaturated colors. They have numbers instead of pine trees on their hats, numbers 3 and 4 respectively drawn on in black marker. They have later been shown to wear rain jackets to protect against water.


Season 1

Season 2


"Come on! You're not gonna partner me up with him are you?"
—Tracey referring to Paper Jam Dipper[source]

"Oh no! Paper jam"

"I get on my nerves sometimes"

—Quattro while running out of the Mystery Shack.[source]


  • Their names were confirmed in Gravity Falls: Journal 3.
  • Their names are most likely references to the words for 3 and 4 in Spanish, being “tres” and “cuatro” respectively.
  • They're referenced in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends with a picture and cryptogram on Shmebulock's bulletin board.
  • Fans have speculated that the book that Quattro is reading in Weirdmageddon 3 is one of the Journals.

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