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The town square is a piece of public space within Gravity Falls, Oregon, located at the end of Main Street. It is surrounded by several buildings and stores.


Dipper and Mabel reading about the Northwest Cover-up in Journal 3.

The town square first appeared for a short time in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," when Mabel and Gideon watch it from a distance from the roof of a building. The only differences are that the buildings are arranged differently, and there is a statue of a white buffalo instead of the statue of Nathaniel Northwest.

The town square's first main appearance is in "Irrational Treasure," where it is decorated, like much of the rest of town, for Pioneer Day. The opening ceremonies, including a speech delivered by Pacifica Northwest, are held there, and Dipper and Mabel decide to investigate the conspiracy surrounding Nathaniel Northwest in order to prevent Pacifica from thinking that she can treat others badly just for being a descendant of Gravity Falls' founder.

The town square briefly appears in "Fight Fighters," as Dipper and Rumble McSkirmish walk down Main Street on their way to meet Robbie at Circle Park, as Stan and Mabel view it from the water tower, and again in the end credits as part of a virtual Gravity Falls.

It appears in the level select screen in the game Rumble's Revenge, also in virtual form.


Town square at the end of Main Street.

The town square is, naturally, laid out in a square shape. It contains various buildings on three sides, including Gravity Falls Police Department headquarters, what appears to be a church and various unnamed shops, and is connected to the rest of Main Street on the fourth side. There is a statue of alleged town founder Nathaniel Northwest in the center, with the square is surrounded by sidewalks, small hills on which several buildings are perched, trees, and, in the distance, mountains.


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Gravity Falls buffalo.

  • The town square originally featured a buffalo statue, similar to the one that stands right outside the offices of the Gravity Falls studio.[1][2]


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