"Toffee Peanuts" is a food product available in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey.


Stan was known to eat them in his youth. He was eating some while walking through the science fair at night. When Stan saw Ford's Perpetual Motion Machine, he angrily threw the bag on the floor, just before hitting the device in a fit of anger. After failing to get into West Coast Tech (due to the damage the device sustained from Stan's actions), Ford noticed the bag on the floor and confronted Stan, showing him the bag as evidence.

According to Ford's crossed out notes about them in the defictionalized Journal 3, they're "the worst snack on Earth" and "stick to your teeth, make a mess".


Toffee Peanuts are available in a bag, with the product name at the top. The bag is a pale orange color, and the lettering is brown. The lower half of the bag is a yellow square, with a peanut in the center. Behind the peanut is a polygon of white, emphasizing the image of the peanut.


Season 2

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