• I have seen the new episode (Sock Opera) like five or six hours ago on a livestream and there are some questions about Bill Cipher and his past.

    After possessing Dipper's body he said something like "I haven't had a body a long time!" and also something like "Two eyes, what a luxury!". I can't remember exactly but it was something like this.

    What did he mean? Did Bill formerly have a kind of body? Maybe not human but something different with only one eye? Since he called two eyes something luxury or something like that. I wonder if he referred to the secret society (blind eye / crossed eye)?

    This could also lead to the suggestion that he doesn't want someone to find out about the author, since he destroyed the laptop and wanted to destroy Journal 3, most likely because (I think) under the black light on his page it will show the way to defeat or banish him. Like he wasn't there until Gideon summoned him in Dreamscaperers.

    I think it has also something to do with the portal under the shack. Because there were energy values measured again like 30 years ago when Stan activated the portal in Scary-oke. In Dreamscaperers, Bill recognized Stan in a blue-ish lighting scene, like the blue-ish lights from the portal.

    What do you think about that?

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    • Also when the laptop first turned on the first screen it flashed to was that of the portals.

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    • I think the image of the blindeye is trying to stop bill from being 'allseing' hence the X through the eye

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    • An anonymous contributor
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