• Do you think the "author form" of the Shape Shifter was what the author really looked like (because if the author is McGucket... and that didn't look like McGucket...) BTW, the Mabel-and-Dipper form of the Shape Shifter is by far the creepiest thing on the show.
    S2e2 reading

    Is this what the author looks like?

    S2e2 shapeshifter twins


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    • 1. It's shown that he got that form from the man on the can of beans. It's hard to understand (I didn't get why Wendy was holding up that can until rewatching that bit several times and even then it didn't dawn on me til an HOUR later (but maybe I'm just slow)) but it's there.

      2. Hmm... Dipper-Mabel shapeshifter or Uncute Mabel? Hard to say... LET'S HOLD A VOTE

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    • Also, I love how in that pic Dipper and Mabel are just sitting there like nothing's happening. It takes a few seconds for them to scream. Everyone has had really delayed reaction times lately.

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    • Yeah!

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    • Scary

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    • An anonymous contributor
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