• Here's the discussion thread for the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Gravity Falls panel. (Here's last year's for those curious.)

    The Gravity Falls panel will be held on Friday, July 25, 2014 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm in Room 6A.

    "Creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch (Grunkle Stan) is joined by series stars Kristen Schaal (Mabel), Jason Ritter (Dipper), and Thurop Van Orman (L'il Gideon) to uncover the mysteries of Disney Channel's hit series Gravity Falls. Find out what's in store for television's spookiest town with exclusive clips from the show's exciting upcoming season and an audience Q&A. The panel will also feature sneak peeks of two new animated shows coming to Disney XD!"

    SDCC 2014 Gravity Falls Live

    The second year in a row!

    Last year, Hirsch delighted fans with a Grunkle Stan puppet for their table read. Something tells us there will be a brand new puppet this year.

    File:Gravity Falls Old Man McGucket plush.jpg

    SDCC 2014 exclusive poster! By pixal artist Paul Robertson! (In case you didn't know, he did the pixel animation for "Fight Fighters.")

    SDCC 2014 poster

    SDCC 2014 exclusive poster.

    We'll try to keep you updated here. Hopefully someone on the panel will be kind enough to record it for us like Matt Chapman did last year. Here's hoping!

    Are any of you going to SDCC to see the panel?

    SDCC schedule

    • Friday, July 25 @ 1:00pm-2:00pm, room 6A - Gravity Falls Panel(x): Alex, Kristen, Jason, and Thurop are going to talk about Gravity Falls plus exclusive clips from season 2. Also, the panel will also feature two new cartoons coming to Disney XD.
    • Friday, July 25 @ 2:30pm-4:00pm room AA07 (x): Group signing.
    • Saturday, July 26 @ 2:00pm-4:00pm Disney Infinity Pop-Up Shop, 343 4th ave. (btw. J and K streets) (x): FOR D23 MEMBERS. Alex is going to be on site for a special autograph session. There will be special giveaways and other surprises.

    Reporting on SDCC

    Jason Ritter's interview with Ausiello for TV Line. They discuss season 2 and Jason's impressions on the show. File:Jason Ritter Interview at Comic-Con 2014 - TVLine

    Some awesome puppets Alex has been teasing on his twitter. Probably for a table read as he did last year. File:Jeffery Rowe SDCC2014 Puppets.jpg

    SDCC Gravity Falls trailer below! Unfortunately without Soos' hilarious early interruption and commentary.

    File:Gravity Falls - Season 2 - SDCC Trailer

    In a wonderful surprise Matt Chapman pulls through for us fans who couldn't go and recorded the whole panel once again! Thank you, Matt!

    GRAVITY FALLS 2014 Comic Con Complete Version

    GRAVITY FALLS 2014 Comic Con Complete Version

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