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    18:13, January 27, 2016

    I know most of the applications were made last night, but I coudn't make mine then, so most of them have already been voted on already. I also know that my chances of winning this are now slim, and probably have been for a while. Months ago, I probably would have thought of myself as a featured Wikian, but now I doubt it.

    For those of you who knew me when I was a Chat Mod, you know that I was always one who tried to calm down a fight and the one who showed up to those meetings even when I didn't need to. Or wasn't supposed to rather, but got to stay anyway and contributed to whatever case was being argued or decided.

    I myself am aware of my inactivity on blogs, I can tell because I am nonexistant on most of them. I've been told that I haven't been forgotten, and I probably haven't. It seems like I'm there, but only as a subconcious thought on chat, but that's okay.

    I may not be ranked highest on the achievment boards, or have the most edits (600+), but I never liked to focus on that. My focus used to be on my fan episodes, but that died as I migrated over to chat, where I spent most of my time.

    It was a surprsed to me when I first got the message asking if I would like to be considered for a Chat Mod position. It was only days later, or maybe hours that I had that star next to my name (which is now a pine tree). I can't say I haven't missed my star, but I'm glad the wiki has been in good hands since.

    Now that you've read about a good portion of my history here, I won't torture you with any more paragraphs.

    But, if you still think I deserve being the featured Wikian, thank you so much. It will mean a lot if anyone comments on this with their agreement. But no matter what, I've been here since the begginning. I've watched this wiki grow for over a year, and I'm glad I did. It went through so many changes, and transformations.

    I'd be lying to say it's still the same wiki I used to know. But that's not a bad thing at all. Everyone here has come such a long way. I hope this wiki continues to grow for years to come, and that I'll be down in the history blogs to come, featured Wikian or not.

    Yours Truly,

    The Chat Mod, The Comedy Queen, and several other names I can't remember at the time,

    -Tiger Lily29

    EDIT~ My fondest memory on this wiki was probably all of those good times during my first couple months of being a chat mod. Those were some of the best memories I had here, and they've been hard to beat. 

    My most popular Blog Post was my 'What would you like to see next of GF' blog (164 comments) Although my Waddles the Pig Fanclub was popular too.

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