• We know that when Bill got mad in Dreamscapers 6 symbols appeared in his eye. 

    We know that the 3rd, 4th and 5th were the Thai numerals for 618, regularly occuring numbers. 

    Does anyone recognize the 1st, 2nd or 6th symbols. None of them are Thai. 

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    • Can anyone confirm this? I'd like to add it to an OP for a thread about the show I made on another forum if it's true.

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    • We do know they are Thai numbers (it's on his page). Not sure what the other symbols are.

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    • I think I'll take a look right now and see what I can find

      edit: one's an alchemist symbol for "composition"

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    • 🜣 looks an awful lot like the second symbol, 🜣 is alchemical for crocus of copper.

      I looked up the alchemist symbol for composition and it looked nothing like the symbols that are flashed?

      so far it's:

      1st symbol: ???unknown???

      2nd symbol: 🜣 likely alchemist "crocus of copper"

      3rd symbol:  ๖ already established as thai numeral "6"

      4th symbol: ๑ "1" thai numeral

      5th symbol: ๘ "8" thai numeral

      6th symbol: ???unknown???

      7th symbol: ๑ numeral "1"

      8th symbol: ๘ numeral "8"

      9th symbol: ๖ numeral"6"

      Note: is there a specific reason 618 is switched in order for the 7th 8th and 9th? what does it mean...

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    • An anonymous contributor
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