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    So, in the episode where the Stans are telling their life story in the basement and stuff, during the visual story, where the mum wakes up after the brothers were fighting in the living room, the mother is holding a BABY. A BABY. A- you get the point. So, where is the child now? I am gonna guess that Stans is (xD) 76, or maybe 66 or something, cuz he was born in the late 1940's-1950's, and the show "ended" in 2016. Ergo, the child can't be THAT old if, when it was a baby, Stan was a teenager. He is probably now old, but not STAN old. I am going to guess that his father actually liked the baby, and that he is still living in the same area as the parents are/were (?). Anyways, doesn't that mean that Dipper and Mabel have a third Grunkle? What's his name? Stanford, Stanley, then what? When will the twins find out about him? Will they? Has he taken the boat from the Glass Shard Beach? Is he somebody who we see a lot in the show, but don't realise it's him??  SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Please correct me if this whole thing is wrong or something. 

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