• Why is it always Oregan and small towns filled with mystery. It's either Gravity Falls, Oregan. Or Arcadia Bay, Oregon. What is it and Oregon mysteryies.

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    • Alex Hirsh was inspired by the wacky roadside attraction of Oregon.

      But other states have them too. Look up the book titles "Weird New Jersey", "Weird Minnesota", and "Weird USA".

      There are plenty of books devoted to roadside attractions and retro tourist traps.

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    • Must be a Foundation hotspot. 

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    • Because it's the state with the most ghost towns?

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    • NepetaLeijon27 wrote: Because it's the state with the most ghost towns?

      I'm not sure of the exact number, but Wyoming and South Dakota have a lot of ghost towns. Boom towns that appeared practically over night because of rumors of a rich vein of gold or other ore, and rapidly abandoned when the rumors didn't pan out.

      A lot of foolish tourists get themselves hurt or killed every year wandering in or around ruined buildings that have been on the verge of collapse after decades of no maintanence. We Americans are just so used to well-built buildings, strict zoning laws, safety inspectors all of which keep us from being crushed under tons of rubble.

      But a old shack, thrown together a hundred years ago, was never inspected nor ever met a single safety check even on its best day. After a century of wind, rain, and frost pushing and breaking and shifting off balance, any really old building is just a giant booby trap waiting for the year that right booby finally comes along.

      Amateurs who like exploring old mine shafts are just saving the rest of us the trouble of digging a grave.

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    • Well as the sight says the town it's self was based off of Boring, Oregon. So that kind answers your question there. As to why Oregon... well the western states have more supernatual sights then other states and Oregon is the perifect meidum for a small town. It has forests, Lakes, Rivers, Mountains and other such natural landmarks as well as being a place of mystery to many. I mean Alex could have done Kansas but then there would be a whole lot of theroys about the CW show Supernatrual and Gravity Falls being conecet... I am sure there are theroys out there anyways but that's a sidetracking. Oregon probly was just the state with all the right elements and a Mystery Spot.... so to speak anyways 

      -a demon Moon

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    • An anonymous contributor
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