• Hello, Jay, my friend from the Phllipines (SORRY IF I MANAGE TO BUTCH THAT NATION'S NAME!!)

    Its been quite awhile since we last saw it each other, Just wanted to quickly tell you why I havent join chat for quite a while now. For the past few months, I was very busy in my studies for the upcoming Government exams, and if you dont know, these Government exams are one of the most hardest exams in my Nation. 

    Now, after the exams, I join the Government Political Party and quickly climb up the hierachy. Jay, I am a Minister now, with the Title of His Honourable or 'Yang Behormat/YB'. I am now in a position of Political Authority and I have been quite busy taking care of several political problems here and also trying to manage my own security task force which is a pain in my back, but I can manage this. Anyway, I wanted to tell the rest of chat about that.

    But when I came back to this chat, its.....not like I how I remembered. Chat is constantly filled with no one, and..

    Actually, thats all I wanted to say. This is a short message for you from YB Elvis.

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    • Heyy Elvis! Long time no see my dear friend from Malaysia. Its really been awhile for the both of
      S1e9 mabel thumbs up

      Keep it up bro! :D

      us. And I must say that I'm totally impress on what you did yourself. Tbh, I really thought that you're just making stuff up that I don't believe you're goona be a Prime Minister one day, but I was wrong. Right now my expression to you is like this, "what the heck!?! I cannot believe it! You really did it man!" I must say that I kinda proud of you on what you did, and honestly I never see a young man like you that you strive hard for this, you really show that you're better than me, and I trully admit that to you. Keep it up man, follow your dreams always! *thumbs up* And I'll see ya again soon... brother. 

      - Jay-R Lucero

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    • An anonymous contributor
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