• In the "Soos' Really Great Pinball Story (Is That A Good Title? Do They Have To Be Puns Or Whatever?)" there is a code on the wall and I wonder what does it mean. It says: 9-V 96-11 K. Is it really a code or I'm just overthinking it? 
    S1e14 Code
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    • The numbers in it are all multiples of 3 if that helps to decipher it, there’s also a reddit page about this code(?) At first I thought it could be a game cheat like in fight fighters but then I realised that I was being an idiot and none of those characters come up in video game controls. The only thing I can personally help with is that it’s not a ceaser cipher or atbash code but is similar to the cryptic writing in the journal 3 merchandise book.

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