• Do the transcripts have a template, and if they do, what's the template called?  What's the code?  or is it just a table??

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    • I believe it's just a table. You can go into the source mode in any of the transcript pages, but here's the basic format.

      Begin with {| class="wikitable" width="100%" valign="top"

      Then, go to the next line and put a "!" in front of each character name, then go to the next line and put a "|" in front of their dialogue. Then go to the next line and put a "|-", and repeat! An example

      {| class="wikitable" width="100%" valign="top"


      |I am the wizard, Nzeppelio! Follow me and we will go to the magical land of Antarctica!


      !Small Children



      End transcripts with a "|}".

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    • Thank you!  I just needed this for something regarding school, this really helped!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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