• What's up, I'm Viraj10 and I have a suggestion for more articles on this wiki. Why not make transcripts for characters?

    I know it may sound silly, but if we have a gallery for almost every character, why not have a transcript? What I'm thinking is we just make a few tables for every episode each character was in and fill it up with lines they said.

    This is just a suggestion. If anyone agrees with me, then please comment below. If you don't, please comment below as well and people of both sides, explain why you (don't) want these transcripts.

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    • What about qoutes?

      I feel transcipts for each person will be a bit odd, like is it every word they've ever said or..?

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    • We already have a "Quotes" section on each page, which seems like enough to me. A lot of wikis have an entire quotes page for each character, although in my opinion this seems a bit much. I don't think we'll ever need over ten quotes to identify a character.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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