• Hi. It is your local culinary non-expert, Madi! I'm giving recipes for food inspired by gravity falls!

    First of all MABEL JUICE!! 

    2 liters of any flavor of kool-aid or Hawaiian punch
    S2e4 mabel juice

    1/4 liter of Sprite or soda water. For sprite make the kool-aid a flavor that will compliment it

    Extra stuff for it: gummy bears/worms of other gummies... keep in mind these are choking hazards. I am hereby non responsible for any injuries caused by the gummies or whatever

    edible glitter! Nothing says Mabel like glitter!!

    S1e5 soda fountain
    Another refreshment 's PITT COLA

    all you need to do for this one is buy Nehi Peach Soda and put a new wrapper thing on it! I think there are printables somewhere online


    celebrate Bill's awesomeness by eating him!! Just draw and eye and a hat on the
    Opening bill as stan
    Doritos on the bag!


    Make this my making a new wrapper on the fun dip. You should be able to get good deals on the stuff
    Smile Dip
    cause of Valentine's day.


    just make a new wrapper for gummy bears


    repackage circus peanuts


    repackage all the gross Valentine's candy you got ;)
    S1e12 loser candy bowl

    If you have any gravity falls food ideas I need to see!! 

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