• The other thread was full so here is a fresh new one. Keep with the same topic we were on . Just continuing it.

    Okaay so here's what happened:

    • Gideon and Dipper are the only ones who know about Bill coming for his return
    • Mabel, Katy, Wendy don't know. JUST dipper and Gideon do
    • They just went outside
    • wendip is over and will be
    • Mabelion is very much alive :D
    • Gideon and Dipper are working together to defeat bill secretly


    Roleplayers are:


    Katy Pines

    Terry (Terrios)

    Me ( MabelionSupporter)



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    • Stan walks outside

      Hey. What you kiddos up to?

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    • (dang it I had a whole bunch of stuff and I was about to comment on the other, but Rachel did it first and I got bunked off of it! D: I spent a good 20 minutes writing it too)

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    • okay If i kill mabelion Will you shut up XD

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    • (wait what? Nuuu don't kill!)

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    • (Ya know what. Since Wendip didn't parenthisis her thing, I'm going to act like Wendy said that. Deal with it :p)

      "Wait, kill what?"

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    • Wendy: PFFTTT NOTHING *twittles thumbs*

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    • (Now I have to think of new text..and I had a mabelion momment you that you would have loved Desi! I tried to recreate it)

      Mabel: I was thinking we would all play some mini golf Grunkle Stan!

      Gideon: Really? I'm not so good at sports..

      Katy:*whispers to Gideon* Pacifica is going to be in a tournament today and Mabel wants to hook Dipper and her up. Remember the plan?

      Gideon: Plan? Ohh right the plan!

      Mabel:*whispers to them* Ya the plan! *pokes Gideon with her elbow* We'll just wing it!

      Gideon: Oh..

      Mabel: Get it? wing it, like as in, wing man?

      Gideon: Ohhh!!

      Dipper:*looks up from his journal* what was that you guys?

      Mabel: *looks over at Dipper* Nothing Dipper! *winks at Gideon*

      Gideon:* blushes and winks back at Mabel*

      Mabel: Relax! I'm a master match maker! *she smiles and puts on her heart shades*

      -Flashback to The Love God- 

      Now that Iv'e found Robbie a date, how about I find one for Dipper so he can get over Wendy..*gasp* how about Pacifica!

      -Back to the present-

      Katy: *snaps her fingers in front of Mabel's face* Mabel?

      Mabel: *snaps out of her flashback* Hmm?

      Katy: You were thinking about your wooden "shipping" dolls again,wern't you?

      Mabel: *fake laughs* Whaaaaat? Nooooo!

      Katy: *folds her arms and rasies a eyebrow*

      Mabel: Yes....

      Gideon: You have wooden dolls too? I mean..that's not weird! Heheh..

      File:S2e9 mabel the love god.PNG

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    • Dipper: T_T

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      • Dipper is blushing (I'm causing war by doing this.)
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    • Dipper: Lets just get this over with. 

      Gideon and Mabel: YAY!

      Katy: Don't be so sad Dipper. They're just trying to help

      Dipper: I know but I don't know if any girls will like me

      Katy: At least one girl will. :)

      Dipper: Thanks :)

      Katy: No problem Dip. ;p

      Gideon: Lets go to town Mabel!

      Mabel: Yeah!

      ~The two go into town looking for teenage girls with Dipper being dragged ~

      Gideon: Attention everyone! We are here to find Dipper Pines a girlfriend! Should we start off with 20 dollars?

      Mabel: Oh its an auction!

      Gideon: Yup.

      Dipper: Guys...

      • Stan comes up on stage*

      Stan: Good job Mabel! Making money at such a young age. I'm so proud. *wipes a tear*

      Girl: I'll GIVE YOU 40 DOLLARS

      Another Girl: I'll GIVE 50!

      Brown headed girl: 70!

      Red headed girl: 90!

      • Pacifica comes into crowd*

      Pacifica: 300 dollars.

      • Everybody gasps*

      Mabel: *slams gabble* SOLD! To pacifica Northwest with 300 dollars!

      Pacifica: *walks on stage with purse* Oh please! Thats not even 10% of my allowance. Hey dipper! *smiles*

      Dipper: Hey Pacifica! *waves*

      Pacifica: I guess that means I get to hang out with you.

      Dipper: Yeah when?

      Pacifica: I'm free tonight. 

      Dipper: Okay tonight then!

      Pacifica: Awesome. See ya guys! *gives 300 dollars*

      ~They all watch as she walks away~

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    • Katy: Looks like some other girl likes you Dip! *nudges him with her elbow and winks*

      Dipper: Ow *blushes and rubs his arm,laughing as he talks* YeAH! I guess I'm going on a date tonight! *gasps* What should I wear? Iv'e never been on a date before!

      Mabel: *smiles and looks at Gideon*

      Gideon: *does the same*

      Both: MAKEOVER!!

      Katy: Oh boy..*whispers to Dipper* If I were you, I would run!

      Dipper: *sweating* I got to go now..*starts running*

      Mabel: *calls out to him* Come back! We have to make you beautiful for tonight!

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    • ~Hours later~

      Mabel: *irons wrinkles* Your guys' date to the Putt Hutt is gonna be amazing! Gideon more hair gel!

      Gideon: *gives hair gel*

      Mabel: *slicks through his hair*

      Dipper: Thanks again Guys

      Gideon: No problem! *Straightens shirt*

      Mabel: There done with your hair! *puts viser on*

      Gideon and Mabel: You look perfect!

      Dipper: *smiles* thanks guys

      Katy: *walks in* Whoa! Dip you look awesome.

      Dipper: Thanks

      Mabel: He's a working progress

      Dipper: Hey!

      Mabel: Just kidding bro bro

      Gideon: You look absolutely smashing 

      Dipper: Thanks I hope she likes it

      Mabel: She likes you, so she will.

      ~They all go downstairs~

      Stan: HEY KIDS! The limo is here!

      Dipper: Okay bye guys *goes out front door*

      ~Dipper in the limo with pacifica~

      Pacifica: Dipper you look awesome!

      Dipper: Thanks you do too. 

      Pacifica: So you excited? I know I am! I'm a mini golf pro!

      Dipper: Well yeah. I saw you last time. You're awesome at it

      Pacifica: But I'll take it easy on you

      Dipper: Thanks. Um I was wondering..

      Pacifica: What?

      Dipper: Why did you come to the auction?

      Pacifica: Well I kind of like you 

      Dipper: You do?! *coughs and chokes up*

      Pacifica: Yeah you brought the best me out of me

      Dipper: Well you're fine. You just have terrible parents

      Pacifica: Yeah

      Dipper: I'm happy you were the one who won

      Pacifica: Me too. We never really hang out

      Dipper: Yeah maybe we should change that?

      Pacifica: *holds hand* I'm way ahead of you

      Dipper: *smiles*

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    • Mabel: *gives him a make over*

      Dipper: God this outfit is way to tight >_< and *looks at self in mirror* IS THAT FOUNDATION?

      Guidion: ufufu its what I use for my face :D 

      (ufufu is a way of laughing XD)

      Pacissifica: GOD DIPPER YOU ARE SO LATE *bangs on door* 

      Wendy: *Gets a text from robbie* wha... Yo dipper how 'bout a double date?


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    • Ignore that ^^^^^^^^^^

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    • Dipper: *Blushes* so uh wanna go to dinner or... something along those lines... ha...ha...

      Paciffica: Love to. I'm paying I dont want you or your famly to have to pay your great uncle is already in debt

      Mabel: *smiles* I still hate her 

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    • (k)

      Stan: Why?

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      And sorry xD

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    • (omg im so dumb.... and sick aub)

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    • Katy: Soooo what now?

      Mabel: My little bro is off into the dating world!

      Gideon: Did we want to spy on them?

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    • (Stan, Mabel, Gideon, and Katy watch Dipper and Paci's date)

      Stan: Why are we watching their date? (he says with a sad face)

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    • Mabel: I can't miss out on Dipper's first date! *takes a picture* Besides, we need to make sure everything goes perfectly! *Mabel has a bag with walkie talkies* Now I needs each of you to talk one of these! Gideon, you'll be in charge of the doves ok?

      Gideon: Got it marshmella! I'll go get ma doves! *runs off to get doves*

      Mabel: Katy, you'll take these rose petals and when I give the cue, you'll go over to the windmill,turn it up to extra high, and throw the rose petals up in the air!

      Katy: Can do! *takes bucket of rose petals*

      Mabel: And Grunkle Stan, you'll be on the lookout so they won't see us, aright?

      Stan: Oh boy,I mean, (sarcastic) Oh boy! yeah let's set up these two crazy kids!

      Mabel: Meanwhile I'll be setting up a romantic picnic up on the hill! 

      Katy: Hey um Mabel?

      Mabel: Yeah?

      Katy: Maybe I could put some rose petals around the picnic blanket too!

      Mabel: Good call!

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    • (Awwww)

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    • Stan, off by himself, watching Dipper and Paci.

      (smiling,) Dipper and that Northwest girl seem happy. What was her name? Pacifica? Somethin like that. (Paci kisses Dipper on the cheek for some reason. Dipper blushes.) Seems like they're hitting it off. (Stan frowns.)

      Reminds me of Me 'n Carla.

      (Stan is lost in thought and not paying attention to Dipper and Paci)

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    • Mabel: Omg its going perfectly!

      Gideon: I know! 

      Katy: Yay!

      stan: *sighs*

      ~Pacifca and Dippers POV~

      Dipper: Thats how me and mabel saved the universe

      Pacific: Wow. That was a cool story

      Dipper: Hehe thanks *blushes*

      Pacifica: Don't be shy! I like you <3

      Dipper: Yeah <3

      ~After their date Dipper goes home~

      Mabel: *pretends she didn't spy on him* Hey dipper how'd it go

      Dipper: Pretty swimmingly. 

      Katy: Cool. Sounds fun *pretends to read newspaper*

      Dipper: I didn't know you read the news?

      Katy: Well there is some good stuff ya know *flips page*

      Dipper: Okay what happened?

      Mabel: Nothing...

      Katy: nothing... *pretends to read paper*

      Dipper: You guys spied didn't you?

      Mabel: Maybe

      Katy: Yes

      Dipper: Ugh why?

      Mabel: To see how it went

      Dipper: Wow. You don't believe in me not to make a complete fool of myself? Don't answer that question.

      Mabel: Well, you're new at it bro bro.

      Dipper: So? Ever heard of trial and error?

      Katy: *pretends to read and ignores their arguing*

      Dipper: Let me guess Stan came too?

      Mabel: Yeah...

      Dipper: I can't believe you guys! *storms off*

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    • (Lol aww I wanted us to do the picnic scene)

      Katy: *looks up from newspaper* Oh boy, I knew he wouldn't take it well..*frowns*

      Mabel: *frowns* Well-huh, I just was trying to help, you know? I didn't mean for him to get upset..

      Katy: *gets up from the chair and pats Mabel's shoulder* Don't worry Mabel, I bet this will all blow over soon..hopefully..

      Mabel:*half smiles* Thanks Katy, what should we do now?

      Katy: Hmm....

      -Meanwhile in the attic-

      Dipper: UGHHH I can't belive this!! They really don't believe me do they?

      • is pacing the floor* "Dipper were only trying to help!" I can't impress a girl on my own!?

      -Mabel and Katy hear Dipper upstairs-

      Mabel: He sounds pretty mad up there..maybe it's best to let him be,maybe in 30 minutes we should go up?

      Katy: Right, to let him cool off

      Mabel:*nods* Agreed!

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    • i am gonnna leave this rp there really is no place for wendy here (not even wendip just wendy) so I am quite bored

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    • ~Gideon knocks on the door~

      Mabel: I'll get it! *runs to door and opens it* Oh hey Gideon!

      Gideon: hello marshmella, how is he taking it?

      Mabel: very hard

      Gideon: yikes.

      Mabel: yeah. Come in!

      Gideon: *walks in*

      Katy: hey Gideon! 

      Gideon: hi Katy! *waves*

      Mabel: Maybe you can talk to dipper, Gideon?

      Gideon: sure. Me and him have to discuss something anyways. I'll be back down my peach.

      Mabel: okay

      ~Gideon goes to Mabel and Dipper's room~

      Gideon: *knocks* hey dipper you wanna talk?

      Dipper: *opens door* sure.. I guess

      Gideon: *walks in* thank you

      Dipper: why are you REALLY here Gideon.Did Mabel send you?

      Gideon: nope. It's about Bill and a little a bit about your date..

      Dipper: okay what's happening?

      Gideon: well I kinda talked to Bill earlier..

      Dipper: wait what?

      Gideon: let me tell you..


      ~Gideon is walking home from the putt hutt~

      Gideon: Wow! They were adorable!

      • winds pick up and everything freezes*
      • laughter comes and Bill appears*

      Gideon: ugh you again. Bill I told you I'm done!

      Bill: that's what you think. You might not know it now but there is something you want and won't reveal it.

      Gideon: W-What are you talking about?

      Bill: Power.

      Gideon: no! I'm in a much better place now.

      Bill: You aren't that stupid Gideon. You know siding with me is always going to have its benefits.

      Gideon: it used to.

      Bill: again. You are right but I know you have the craving for power.

      Gideon: and? I'm trying to change that.

      Bill: for what? MABEL? You think she likes you? 

      Gideon: yeah. Ever since I've switched sides ME and her have been going swimmingly.

      Bill: or is that pity?

      Gideon: what do you mean..

      Bill: kid, she obviously doesn't like you.

      Gideon: you're lying! She loves me!

      Bill: That's what you think.

      Gideon: stop saying "that's what you think"! 

      Bill: Kid just look at this. *makes bubble appear*

      • bubble shows "the past week"

      Mabel in bubble: what do I do? I'm trying to be nice but he won't take a hint!

      Dipper in bubble: Just get rid of him. He's no use to us.

      Mabel in bubble: but dipper..that feels wrong.

      Dipper in bubble: he has almost killed us several times! 

      Mabel in bubble: that's true...

      Dipper in bubble: AND he betrayed us when he said he was on our side.

      Mabel in bubble: but he changed...

      Dipper in bubble: did he REALLY? I mean he's Gideon. We can't trust him.

      ~bubble goes away~

      Gideon: I-I don't believe this..they said they were my friends!

      Bill: obviously not.

      Gideon: Bill I...

      Bill: yes? I ain't got all day kid. I'm a busy triangle.

      Gideon: I take your deal. What is it?

      Bill: You must get that journal away from dipper!

      Gideon: what? That's all?

      Bill: AND get rid of that Katy Pines. She knows too much. She's a clever one she is.

      Gideon: okay. And on my end of the deal. Mabel stays alive, I get  ownership of the town AND you can't spy on me anymore..Katy seems too suspicious.

      Bill: I'll take you up on that offer. *holds hand out*

      Gideon: *shakes hand*

      Bill:  remember is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold bye!

      ~everything is unfrozen and winds slow down~

      ~Gideon comes back to reality~

      Dipper: you're not bad right?

      Gideon: heavens no. I obviously dooped him.

      Dipper: okay good

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    • Dipper: Aren't you worried Bill is going to find out you dooped him?

      Gideon: That's why need to hurry and find a way to defeat Bill! I don't want him to get suspicious! *nervously bites lip*

      Dipper: *snaps fingers* You know what?

      Gideon: What?

      Dipper: My uncle Ford has delt with Bill before! We should go talk to him in the basement!

      Gideon:*smiles* sounds like a good plan to me! But we need to play it cool, and of course the girls can't know about it!

      Dipper:*scratches his chin* Your right Gideon...hmmm...maybe you can tell them that there is a sale at the mall or something! Then you can tell them I'm still upset and I need you to stay here with me.

      Gideon: Good thinking Dipper, I'll go downstairs and tell them that!

      -Meanwhile downstairs-

      Katy: What do you think they're talking about up there? *looks up the stairs*

      Mabel:*shurgs*  Seems quite..too quite.. *squints*
      S2e13 suspicious mabel

      Katy: Your right about that Mabel *glares up the stairs* I hope everything is alright.

      Both:*hear the door opening*

      Mabel:*whispers* Quick, here comes someone! *pushes Katy into the other room*

      Katy:*jumps and turns on the tv*

      Both:*sit and pretend like they weren't watching*

      Gideon:*comes down the stairs*

      Mabel:*sees Gideon and has a concerned smile* Hey, how did it go?

      Gideon:*fakes a frown and sounds upset,sighs* Well he's not well..

      Katy: Does he want us to talk to him?

      Gideon: No no, in fact he say y'all should go to the mall, in fact there's a sale goin on now!

      Katy:Eh, I don't feel like going to the mall

      Gideon: Not even..Build-A-Beaver?

      Katy:*perks up* TO THE MALL!! *runs out the door*

      Mabel:*laughing tone* well I guess were going to the mall! See you Gideon! *kisses him on the cheek*

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    • ~dipper and Gideon go to Ford's base~

      Ford: hey kids! What's the trouble?

      Dipper: Bill is back.

      Ford: *gets out of chair* This is serious..very serious..

      Gideon: We know! We're wondering if you could help us?

      Ford: against Bill? I'd never hesitate!

      Dipper: Great! We need to tell you everything that happened. Gideon explain it!

      ~Gideon tells Ford everything~

      Ford: wait! You WHAT

      Gideon: I-I I'm sorry.

      Ford: you never break a deal with Bill! Do you know what he's capable of?!

      Dipper:*puts hand on Gideon shoulder* it's fine. You're actually helping us.

      Gideon:I am?

      Ford: yes indeed. We just can't let Bill know. Didn't you say he couldn't spy on you?

      Gideon: yes.

      Ford: so he won't ever know! We just need to not say a word about this to the girls or the town. And definitely not my idiot of a brother Stanley.

      Dipper: okay. Wait did you just call Stan an idiot?

      ~they hear Stan upstairs~

      Stan: Who knew that the keep out sign actually meant it'?!

      Ford: yeah he stepped into one of my many traps.

      Dipper: what for?

      Ford: Creatures of course.

      Gideon: Okay but..What if he.. *tear comes down*

      Ford: Mabel will be fine. Katy too. We just need to stay according to the plan. It's nit enough to just defeat him.We need to make sure he never comes back.

      Dipper: like kill him? 

      Ford: heavens no. Just teleport him somewhere where he'll never come back.

      Gideon: Okay. I'll do it. I'll pretend to be evil again. 

      Dipper: I never believed I'd say this. But thank you for being evil.

      Gideon: haha xD

      Ford: okay hustle upstairs and act like nothing is wrong

      Dipper and Gideon: okay! 

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    • -At the Gravity Falls Mall-

      Katy: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Sir Beaverton needs a new hat!

      Mabel:*laughing tone* Sir Beaverton? 

      Katy: Shut up Mabel! Iv'e been coming here since I was a little kid! *shows a beat up B-A-B Beaver with a red patch on the end of the tail and a chunk taken out of the right ear*

      Mabel: What's with the patch?

      Katy: Oh, Maxwell got ahold of him when he was a small puppy..

      Mabel: Awww

      Katy: Do you have a Build-A-Beaver?

      Mabel: *shakes her head* Nope! But I have my stuffed unicorn named Princess lovercorn! I wonder if the clothes here would fit her..

      Katy: But shouldn't you have her with you if you're going to try the clothes on her?

      Mabel: That's true..

      Katy: Well since there's a sale, why don't we buy you a beaver!

      Mabel: Ok, that sounds like fun!

      Katy:*grabs Mabel's hand and runs into the store with a huge smile on her face* Then come on already! 

      Mabel: Waaa!

      (I will continue this, but I want to see you do some of the Dipper and Gideon RP :D)

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    • (UGH dang it, yet again I write another great RP with a lot of thought into it, taking my time, and wiki decides not to post it! T_T CURE YOU GRAVITY FALLS WIKI! Lol that sounds like Dr.Doofenshmirtz)

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    • (Sigh, ok I'm back from my rage quit.... let me just try to do this from memory... it won't be as good but I guess you lose your comment if you write too much...)

      -Back at the Mystery Shack-

      Gideon: Should we go to the mall now? I need to get ma self a new bolo tie!

      Dipper:*is reading journal #3* Ehhh, you go on ahead Gideon, I'm not going to rest till I find a way to defeat Bill again!

      Gideon: Alright, just remember to get some rest when you need it Dipper *pats him on the shoulder and leaves to the mall*

      -Back at B-A-B-

      Katy: Look at it Mabel! *eyes sparkle*

      Mabel: Ha, this reminds me of my bubble, but without all of the nightmares!

      Katy: Haha!

      Mabel:*picks out a beaver from a bin, it has a flower on it's ear* She's perfect!

      Katy: To the stuffing machine!

      Worker Lady: (Lady in her 20's, she looks at Mabel with a smile) Welcome to Build-A-Beaver! Is this your first time?

      Mabel:*nods with a smile* Yes mam!

      WL: And you-(looks at Katy with an old dirty Sir Beaverton, in a awkward tone,she clears he throat) I see you've been here before!

      Katy: Yes I have! I have been here for every birthday since I was 5! Sir Bearington here was my first, and my favorite! *hugs Sir Beaverton and he squeaks*

      Mabel: *giggles*

      WL: You sound like a Build-A-Beaver expert!

      Katy:*serious* Yes, yes I am. *Sir Beaverton squeaks again*

      Mabel:*giggles again*

      -Meanwhile Gideon is in the mall-

      Gideon: Now,should I go to Build-A-Beaver to check on the girls, or should I go over to Little Ol Cowpokes to get ma new bolo tie..*scratches head*

      WL: Alright time to stuff! *takes Mabel's beaver* Just tell me when!

      Katy: Whaaaat? What about the ritual? You know, *grabs stuff heart and tabs it* Give it a heart beat, jump up and down, spin around, make a wish and give it a kiss!

      WL: *laughs* I was getting to that, but you REALLY know what you're doing! * they do the ritual* Well here you go! Is this good or do you want more or less stuffing?

      Mabel: *sqeezes her beaver and smiles* It's good!

      Katy: Next we go to fluffing and naming! Thanks for the help miss! *smiles*

      Mabel: Yeah, thank you! *smiles*

      WL: No problem *she smiles back at the girls* Enjoy your time here! *she waves as they go off to the fluffing area*

      (Commercial Break, btw I came up with the idea that the sqeaker is inside the heart! XD)

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    • ~Gideon finds Mabel and Katy in the Build A Beaver~

      Mabel: hey Gideon! Look at my build a beaver! *shows him*

      Gideon: it's absolutely darlin Mabel!

      Mabel: thanks. 

      Katy: *walks over* Oh hey Gideon. What brings you here?

      Gideon: just making you girls are okay.

      Mabel: why? What's going on?

      Gideon : nothing! You're just in a mall with strangers everywhere around you!

      Katy: thanks Gideon. But we're fine.

      Gideon: okay. Do you guys want to get some lunch? I'm absolutely famished.

      Both: sure!

      ~They all get pizza at the food court~

      Mabel: thanks for the pizza Gideon.

      Gideon: no problem marshmella.

      Mabel: *hugs* *takes bit of pizza*  It's awesome.

      Katy: yeah thanks!

      ~Dipper comes in court looking for Gideon~

      Dipper: hey guys. *walks over*

      Mabel: Hey BRO BRO.

      Katy: hey dip.

      Gideon: *whispers to dipper* is everything alright?

      Dipper: that's why I came here.

      Gideon: ladies would you excuse us?

      Both: sure..

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    • Katy: Hmm, I wonder what that's about..

      Mabel: Good question, Well I'm glad their getting along *smiles*


      Gideon: So, did you find a way to defeat Bill yet?

      Dipper: I'm close, but this means you would have to summon him..

      Gideon: Wha- but Dipper! You remember the last time I summoned Bill Cipher!

      Dipper: I know, I know! But If you summon him and try to trick him into possessing your body..

      Gideon: WHAT!?

      Dipper:*covers his mouth* 

      Everyone in the mall looks at them funny

      Dipper: Hehe...*awkward smile* but there's a catch!

      Gideon:*takes Dippers hand off of his mouth* Ok?..

      Dipper: *sighs* I can't belive I'm saying this, but you need to pull out a stuffed animal at the last second, so he posseses THAT instead of you..


      Dipper: I'm serious!

      Gideon: Ok, sorry.. It's just that,*giggles* I keep picturing a little Bill Cipher plushie!

      Dipper: Ha, that is pretty funny when you think about it.

      Gideon: So, when were you thinking we should do this? And should it still be kept a secret? What if it goes wrong and Bill ends up possessing me!?

      Dipper: The worst thing is, the townsfolk think it's adorable how evil your trying to be?? Ok.. I see you mean.

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    • Gideon: yeah. But he's going around town! I've seen him quite frequently. Even though he promised to not spy.

      Dipper: well YOU promised to get rid of Katy but you didn't do that. Maybe he found out.

      Gideon: I don't know...but I'm not eager to find out.

      Dipper: Also lets just keep this a secret, well besides with Ford. Ford knows what to do.

      Gideon: okay. It just feels wrong to lie to the girls.

      Dipper: it's either that or they don't live.

      Gideon: You know, lying doesn't sound so bad anymore.

      Dipper: that's what I thought!

      Gideon: okay let's go back.

      ~they go back to the table~

      Mabel: hEy Gideon. Can we talk? Alone?

      Gideon: sure Marshmella.

      Mabel: *takes Gideon' s hand and goes by Build a beaver*

      Mabel: What is up with you and Dipper? *pushes against wall pulling his shirt*

      Gideon: what do you mean?

      Mabel: You know what I mean Gideon! Don't lie.

      Gideon: I'm not lying!

      Mabel: then why do you keep going off with him?

      Gideon:...He's been wanting us to talk.

      Mabel: About WHAT?

      ​ gideon: *thinks fast* Him and Pacifica.

      Mabel: wait, really?

      ​ gideon: yes. I've been giving him pointers. Since I got such a great catch such as yourself.

      ​ Mabel: *blushes* Okay. Are you are you're telling the truth?

      Gideon: 100 percent *crosses fingers*

      Mabel: Okay. Let's get them and go home. *reaches out hand*

      Gideon: *grabs hand and holds and walks away with Mabel*

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    • Mabel: Hey Dipper, Katy, we were thinking of going back to the Shack now.

      Katy: Hey Mabel *waves* that sounds good to me, what do you think Dipper?

      Dipper: Alright..*looks seriously at Gideon*

      Gideon: *gives Dipper and thumbs up and mouthed* It's ok!

      Dipper: Yeah, let's get going then.

      -They all walk to the Mystery Shack-

      Katy: *walks on a log with Sir Beaverton on her sholders* Do da do!

      Mabel: Haha! Maybe I should give that a try!

      Gideon: *holding on to Mabel's hand* I'm sorry I lied ma sweet...*frowns*

      Mabel: It's ok Gideon...just be sure to tell me the truth from now on, ok?

      Gideon: *sigh* Yeah ok....*still frowns when he looks away from Mabel*

      Dipper: *noticed them talking* Heyyy..Gideon...can we have another chat? *motions him to come over*

      Gideon: Hold on Mabel, *walks over to Dipper nervously* Yes Dipper?

      Dipper:*looks angry* What did you tell her?

      Gideon: Nothing I-I just made up a lie on the spot back at the mall!

      Dipper:*still looks mad* Oh really? Well what did you tell her?

      Gideon: Well.. I told her I was giving you pointers, about dating Pacifica!

      Dipper:*facepalm and groans* She doesn't belive I can- *sighs* nevermind! (flirt on his own) Well it's better than having her find out..

      Mabel:*walks over to Katy* Mind if I come up?

      Katy: Sure, go right ahead! *helps her get up*

      Mabel: Thanks! *puts her beaver on her shoulders too*

      Katy: So what did Gideon say back at the mall?

      Mabel: Oh, he was just giving dipper some secret pointers!

      Katy: About what?

      Mabel: About dating, silly!

      Katy: Oh well, did he say anything else?

      Mabel: Mmmm just that...he would stop lying..

      Katy: Lying huh? 

      Mabel: Yeah..he said he would stop but I'm not sure.

      Katy: Well I sure hope so, the last thing we need in our friendship is lies!

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    • Mabel: I still...don't feel like they're telling the truth.

      Katy: me either. Boys lie ALOT.

      Mabel: looks like Sherlock Mabel and Pines need to investigate! *grabs phony mustache and Sherlock holmes hat*

      Katy: why do you get to be Sherlock? I don't want to be Watson!

      Mabel: I have the hat, that's why.

      Katy: ugh fine! 

      Mabel: *gets magnifying glass* we're on the case!

      ~meanwhile Gideon and Dipper~

      Dipper: I can't believe they actually believed us.

      Gideon: Me either. I thought Mabel was a smarter cookie.

      Dipper: Well let's hurry up and get to the shack. MABEL! KATY!

      ~Mabel and Katy catch up~

      Mabel: looks like our case has started.

      Katy: Yeah! Umm I mean (whispers) yeah!

      Mabel: Lets do this!

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    • Stan: What are you kids doing? Playing Ducktecktive? 

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    • Dipper: Mabel,why do you have a face mustashe on?

      Mabel: Oh! *hides magnifying glass behind her back*  We were just descussing the many uses of them! Right Katy?

      Katy: Oh yeah! Like..they can be crumb catchers...lip warmers..

      Dipper: *shrugs* hmph.

      -They get to the Mystery Shack-

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    • Katy and Mabel look at eachother

      Katy: Yup! *whispers* let's go with that!

      Mabel: *giggles*

      Dipper: That would explain the hat too!

      Mabel: *blushes* Uh yeah!  Good old Ducktective!

      Gideon: I want to play ducktective!

      Mabel: No! *looks nervous* I mean, it's just Katy and's a girl bonding thing..isn't that right Katy? *nudges her with her elbow*

      Katy: Ow! I mean, Right! *rubs arm* I'm playing Steven the penguin!

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    • Stan: Ok.

      Gideon walks away

      Stan: Your hiding something, aren't you?

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    • Mabel: us? Ppppsh! Like we have time for that.

      Katy: yeah we're just being our adorable, lovable selves! 

      Stan: Okay. Well have you seen my know it all brother?

      Mabel: Nope haven't seen Ford today.

      Katy: me either. But we have to go now BYE! 

      ~They zoom off into town~

      ~Meanwhile Gideon and Dipper~

      Dipper: The girls are suspicious.

      Gideon: I know! What are we going to do?

      Dipper: We have to keep faking it till we make it.

      Gideon: Okay. 

      Dipper: Let's go to Ford!

      ~They go to the basement~

      Dipper: Ford? Where are you? *picks up glasses*

      Gideon: aren't those ford's?

      Dipper: yeah. But where is he?

      Gideon: you don't think....

      ~The both gasp and look around for clues~

      Dipper: I...I don't believe it.

      Gideon: what?

      Dipper: look.

      Gideon: *looks at the note on the ground* 

      The note says:

      You think I wouldn't notice? Nice try kid. I've decided to take the only one who knows how to defeat me. You should have sided with me, nobody would've gotten hurt. Your little girlfriend is next. Get ready for the worst time of your life.



      ​ Gideon: oh my...this is all my fault.

      Dipper: yeah IT IS.

      Gideon: I'm sorry Dipper.

      Dipper: YOU NEVER CHANGED. You still just care about yourself. You don't care that Ford could be dead, you just want Mabel to yourself.

      Gideon: Dipper that's not true!

      Dipper: It isn't? RIGHT.


      Dipper: what are you talking about?

      Gideon: I saw it. BILL SHOWED ME WHAT YOU GUYS SAID.

      Dipper: Bill? You're really going to trust BILL?

      Gideon: If you want me to be the bad guy. I'll be the bad guy. *leaves the shack* I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE.

      ~Mabel and Katy walk to the shack and see Gideon storm off~

      Mabel: what's wrong Gideon? *goes up to him*

      Gideon: I'm absolutely fine, my peach.

      Mabel: seriously what's wrong?

      Gideon: I'm just going to plot my revenge.

      Mabel: WAIT WHAT.

      Gideon: Dipper wants me to be evil. I'll be EVIL.

      Mabel: Gideon! No! Please! Stop!

      Gideon: we'll be together soon, without your pesky brother in THE WAY AGAIN.

      Mabel: Gideon...I...

      • Gideon walks off*

      Katy: uh oh....

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    • Soos: Hey dudes, is there where I make my cameo?

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    • Katy: hey soos.

      Mabel: hey soos. Look we can't talk now.

      Katy: yeah. There's some serious biz going on!

      ~Mabel runs after Gideon~

      Mabel: GIDEON WAIT!

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    • Soos: Welp...back to scrubbing the floor again!

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    • Stan: You'd better.

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    • Soos: (looks at the penny in the cash registor) Some day...

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    • Katy: Aw man.. what should I do now? Go after Mabel and Gideon, or find Dipper...*groans* Soos, I need some of your wisdome! * looks seriously at him*

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    • Soos: (finishing eating a burrito) Oh sorry dude, I totally didn't see you there! What's the problem?

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    • Mabel: Gideon wait! Why would you even consider being evil again? I thought you changed for me

      Gideon: *turns around* I did. But old Gideon is back. Once Bill takes over the world and I take over the town, you'll learn to love this Gideon. We have an eternity to wait my beautiful Mabel. 

      Mabel: GIDEON! NO! Please! Stop!

      Gideon: This is the Gideon your brother wants me to be, so I'll be it.

      Mabel: Gideon! Wait! 

      Gideon: Soon we'll be together, without Katy, Stan OR dipper in the way. Until then my sweet. *kisses cheek*

      Mabel: I-I

      Gideon: *walks away*

      Mabel: *runs into woods crying* What do I do? I want MY Gideon back.

      ~Winds pickup speed and time freezes~

      ~Evil laughs come and Bill appears~

      Bill: well if isn't, Mabel Gertrude Pines.

      Mabel: Bill? What are you doing here?

      Bill: So I'm guessing you know how Gideon is joining me?

      Mabel: Yes I do. AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

      Bill: Well I have been thinking. There is one open spot open for Gideon's queen. Don't you want it?

      Mabel: No.

      Bill: well too bad. Gideon had asked me to do this. So our plans go uninterrupted.

      ~Bill casts a spell on Mabel~

      Bill: it's a spell for you to be in love with Gideon.

      Mabel: *gets up off the ground* Where is Gideon?

      Bill: at his house

      Mabel: okay it was fun talking to you Bill but I have to find him!

      Bill: Okay. And I'll go back to plotting my evil plans!

      ~Bill disappears~

      ~Mabel is running to Gideons house~

      Mabel: *goes to front door and sees Bud*

      Bud: Howdy Mabel! What brings you to our humble home?

      Mabel: I'm looking for Gideon. Bil...a friend told me he is here.

      Bud: Well he's in his bedroom. You're welcome to come in.

      Mabel: thanks *goes in house and upstairs* *goes into Gideons room*

      Gideon: *turns around* Mabel why are you here?

      Mabel: I realized that no matter what you decide to do or be, I love you.

      Gideon: You do?

      Mabel: Yes. Always even if you're evil.

      Gideon: Whooee! That's great news. Bill has some things in store for us.

      Mabel: Really?

      Gideon: Yeah! And we're gonna be on top the world!

      Mabel: As long as I get to be your queen. Okay.

      Gideon: *blushes* I guess Bill took care of it

      Mabel: what?

      Gideon: oh nothing marshmella.

      Mabel: You're so darn cute!

      Gideon: *evil smile* Soon, I will be king of all I survey. 


      Katy: *goes into the basement* Dipper? Are you okay?

      Dipper: no. I'm the opposite of okay! Ford is MISSING. I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT BILL TOOK HIM.

      Katy: I saw what happened with Gideon. Why did you.blame him?

      Dipper: I needed somebody to blame.

      Katy: but we don't know what you created? He's no longer the good Gideon. Hes the evil Gideon. 

      Dipper: wait he was serious? *gets up quickly*

      Katy: yeah. He plans on taking Mabel too.

      Dipper: This is what we get for trying to hide it from everybody.

      Katy: HIde WHAT?

      Dipper: Bill is coming back.

      Katy: WAIT WHAT.

      Dipper: he's making a return and we were trying to find a way to defeat him, but now that Ford AND Gideon are gone, I can't.

      Katy: We know somebody who could help.

      Dipper: Really who?

      ~They go to the gift shop of the mystery shack~

      Katy: Wendy we need you!

      Dipper: yeah it's really important!

      Wendy: *looks up from het magazine* OOh hey dude.

      Katy: We seriously need you.

      Wendy: What for?

      Dipper: Bill.

      Wendy: *cracks knuckles and puts down magazine* Let's do this.

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    • Katy: Yeah..about are we going to find him?

      Dipper: Well that's the thing...were going to have to stage your death..

      Katy: Oh ok-wait, WHAT!?

      Dipper: Well otherwise Bill is going to know that Gideon double crossed him, then again...

      Wendy: Dude, seriously?

      Dipper: Right..well we have to at least try to get Gideon back on our side.

      Katy: But he's gone the dark side!

      -Dipper and Wendy look at Katy funny-

      Katy: What, too soon?

      -They all pause for a few secounds-

      Dipper: Anyway....where IS Mabel?

      Katy: *wide eyes* Oh my gosh.

      Wendy: What is it?

      Katy: The last time I saw her, she was going after Gideon....

      Dipper: She could be in some serious trouble, and Bill might not be far behind! We have to go after her! But where could they be..

      Wendy: Duh, Gideon's house?

      Dipper: *blushes* Ohohoh right. Well lets get our weapons ready to go! Who knows what's going to be in store for us once we get there!

      -They all get suited up,Dipper puts the journals in his backpack,Wendy gets her axe,and Katy is decciding between a squirt gun and a crossbow, she picks the crossbow*

      Wendy: LETS DO THIS! BOOSH!

      (-All of them pose in a Charlie's angel's pose-)

      Katy:*looks at Dipper while in the pose* You were just kidding about my fake death right?

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    • ~meanwhile at the Gleeful Residence~

      Mabel: so what do you want to do?

      Gideon: well I'm kind of working on this evil plan.

      Mabel: Oh. Do you guys have any gummy koalas?

      Gideon: *throws pack at her* Go crazy.

      Mabel: *eats gummy koalas*

      Gideon: *scribbles on paper* no, that won't work.

      Mabel: Thanks for the koalas.

      Gideon: You're welcome.

      Mabel: Are you sure you want to do this?

      Gideon: Well, that seems to be the only way for us to be together without problems. Plus being King and Queen of gravity falls sounds very rewarding.

      Mabel: But I've seen the good side of you. Is this REALLY what's best?

      Gideon:....I....Yes it is.

      Mabel: you hesitated.

      Gideon: yeah...Well It's just how it has to be.

      Mabel: Gideon, I love you. But is this really what will bring us together or apart?

      Gideon: you're...You're...right.

      Mabel: Of course I am. Have you MET me?

      Gideon: yes and I'm happy I did. I'm sorry for ever considering being evil again! Could you ever forgive me?

      Mabel: of course. Just please don't ever do that again. You scared me!

      Gideon: wait I thought you had a spell on you?

      Mabel:.that spell didn't work Gideon. Because..I already love you. :)

      Gideon: wait what!

      Mabel: I was just playing the part. I'd never go with you to be evil! No matter how much I love you.

      Gideon: thank you for making me see where I REALLY belong....I...

      Mabel: *kisses lightly* 

      Gideon: *faints*

      Mabel: *picks up* Let's go to Dipper and Katy!

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    • Dipper: Ready?

      Katy and Wendy: *seriously nods* Ready!

      Dipper: Then let's go!

      -They all run through the woods to Gideon's house-

      Mabel: *carries Gideon as she walks through the woods to the Mystery Shack*

      Gideon: *wakes up* Wher-where are we my darllin?

      Mabel: *sets him down and smiles* Oh good, you're awake! Were in the forest, cutie

      Gideon: I could have sworn I was in heaven, because I saw an angel! *giggles*

      Mabel: *gasps and blushes* Gideon! You little flirt! *she jokingly punches him*

      -Dipper, Katy, and Wendy see Mabel and Gideon-

      Dipper: There they are up ahead!

      Katy: YEAAAAAAA!!



      Mabel: Huh? *she looks up and stands between them and Gideon* Woah you guys!

      Katy: Mabel what are you doing!?

      Dipper: Yeah, Gideon's evil now, remember?

      Wendy: I'm about ready to break this little guy in half! *cracks her knukles*

      Mabel: Gideon's not evil! I had a talk with him, he's on our side *helps Gideon get up* 

      Dipper: That's hard to belive, we can't trust him Mabel! Rember what he's done in the past!?

      Mabel: The past is call the past for a reason Dipper! We have to think about now, and right now, he's willing to help us defeat Bill!

      Katy: *frowns madly* That's unlikely *shoots crossbow and goes right over his head*

      Gideon: Ma hair!

      Katy: Gideon, I'm tried of you double crossing us! Next time, I won't miss. (Thinks: Wow I can't belive I actually aimed so well! I was sure I was going to hit him.) ((She didn't want to REALLY hit him))

      Wendy: Yeah, you have really crossed the line this time!

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    • Stan: You've done so much to hurt this family. I won't have you hurt them anymore. Mabel, sweety, come over here.

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    • Mabel: NO! I won't. 

      Stan: Mabel he's evil!

      Mabel: NO. He's good. You just all judge him too much by his past to see it!

      Dipper: Look I know you see the good in everybody but he's untrustworthy!

      Mabel: no he isn't actually

      Dipper: W-W-What are you talking about?

      Mabel: YOU'RE untrustworthy dipper!

      Katy: WHY do you say that?

      Mabel: Dipper tell them what REALLY happened.

      Dipper: I-I....

      Mabel: Tell them!

      Dipper: I was the one who told Gideon to go away and that I hated him...

      Wendy: wait what?

      Dipper: Its all my fault.

      Katy: Wait you didn't say THAT

      Dipper: I..I know.

      Mabel: Dipper you're my brother and I love you. But why would you do that?

      Gideon: Dipper. I owe YOU an apology as well.

      Dipper:but it was MY fault. You shouldn't have to apologize.

      Gideon: Dipper. I know why you said What you did.

      Dipper: *wipes face with sleeve* You do?

      Gideon: You're scared of Mabel excluding you.

      Dipper: I..I....

      Mabel: Wait what? Dipper? Is this true?

      Dipper: ...yes. 

      Mabel: But you're my brother. I'll always have time for you.

      Dipper: I just got jealous because of how you and Gideon are together.

      Mabel: Dipper I.....

      • Pacifica walks by*

      Dipper: *looks away from Pacifica*

      ~Gideon goes to Pacifica and talks to her~

      ~Pacifica walks over~

      Pacifica: Are you okay?

      Dipper: Pacifica?

      Pacifica: Dipper why is your face red and splotchy were you crying??

      Dipper: yeah. :(

      Pacifica: *hugs dIpper*

      Wendy: this is so...beautiful *blows nose*

      Katy: *cleans eyes with tissues*

      Mabel: See? You DO have a love life little bro.

      Dipper: yeah I guess you're right..WAIT DID YOU SAY LITTLE?

      Mabel: Yup Little Dipper ;)

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    • Stan: I'm just glad that we didn't have to remove Mabel forcfully. I didn't want to have to hurt family.

      In his mind, the word again echoed.

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    • Dipper: Guys this happy moment is great an  all but we still need the plan!

      Gideon: You're right....GUYS I'VE GOT IT

      Dipper: What..

      Gideon: I need to keep pretending to be evil.

      Dipper: Yeah..that might help us a bit.

      Mabel: But..that means...

      Gideon: I can't come in contact with yall for a while. I need to be convincing.

      Mabel: Okay.. *hugs Gideon* I'm gonna miss talking to you!

      Gideon: so am I. Guys go...I have business with Bill.

      ~They all leave Gideon alone~

      • Gideon summons Bill*

      Bill: What do ya need kid? Did you get Katy and dipper taken care of?

      Gideon: not yet.

      Bill: well kid I don't have eternity to wait!

      Gideon: I know I know. I just need a little more time. Wait! Can you give me another amulet that I had before Mabel destroyed it?

      Bill: I suppose so... *makes one appear*

      Gideon: Good.

      Bill: Use that how you're supposed to. Remember we're partners and soon the town will be yours. And I'll have the world.

      Gideon: I know the plan.

      Bill: good. Now I have to go get my eye done.

      Gideon: Okay. Bye Bill.

      ~Bill disappears~

      Gideon: Check.

      ~Meanwhile at the shack~

      Mabel: I can't believe he'd do that for us.

      Katy: not for us. The world.

      Dipper: I'm just happy he isn't actually evil. That'd be bad news.

      Soos: Yo dudes. You have somebody at the door.

      Dipper: I wonder who? *gets up with Mabel*

      Mabel: *answers the door*

      Pacifica: Are you guys okay?

      Dipper: Yeah.

      Pacifica: May I come in?

      Dipper an  Mabel: Sure

      • Pacifica comes in*

      Pacifica: So I'm curious. Who's Bill?

      Dipper: Remember the one who took over the town in Weirdmageddon?

      Pacifica: oh that triangle guy with the unflattering bow tie and top hat?

      Mabel: yeah.

      Pacifica: Ugh I hated that guy!

      Katy: we all did.

      Dipper: Yeah.

      Pacifica: well I have some info on the things happening. *takes out photos from purse*

      Mabel: how did you get all these?

      Pacifica: easy. I'm great at snooping and finding out rumors. It's kinda my thing. *flips hair*

      Mabel: don't get too ego heavy 

      Dipper: Pacifica these are amazing!

      Pacifica: Thanks.

      Mabel: *Pulls dipper aside*  Are we seriously letting her in this?

      Dipper: she has answers Mabel! She could be handy.

      Mabel: But....she isn't exactly a genius.

      Dipper: She isn't stupid either. She's joining Mabel.

      Mabel: Dipper has a crush :p

      Dipper: Shut up! *turns around to Pacifica*

      Pacifica: I have tons more I can do.

      Dipper: *elbows Mabel* how do you feel about joining the team Pacifica?

      Pacifica: I'd love to!

      Dipper: Great.

      Mabel: *walks to bedroom and sulks with Waddles next to her*

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      • Stan knocks on door Stan: "You ok Sweety?"

      Mabel: No.

      Stan: Whats wrong?

      Mabel: So that we can defeat Bill, Gideon has to pretend to be evil and can't talk to me. I miss him already.

      Stan: Ah, Love. The Eternal cause of happyness and pain. I understand how it feels to be away from someone you love.

      Mabel: Who do you love Grunkle Stan?

      Stan: I never told you about Carla Mcorkle?

      Mabel: Who's that?

      Stan: Carla Mcorkle is the woman that I have loved since my teen years.

      Mabel: Then why aren't you with her, Grunkle Stan?

      Stan: Because she was brainwashed into liking somone else.

      Mabel: Ohh...

      Stan: Come 'ere kid.

      Stan and Mabel hug each other.

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    • Mabel: I just...wish there was a way to talk to him.

      Stan: I know.

      Mabel: *sighs*

      ~meanwhile dipper and Katy~

      Katy: Mabel seems upset.

      Dipper: Its Gideon.

      Katy: Yeah. She really misses him.

      Dipper: he's doing what he has to.

      Katy: Yeah, for the great or good.

      Dipper: *nods*

      ~Meanwhile at Gideons house~

      Gideon: *breathes out* Its gonna be hard not seeing you *looks at a picture of Mabel on his wall*

      Gideon: least I can be the hero.

      ~song starts~

      Gideon: Why can't I seem to know, that our love wont grow. I want it more than anything in the world. Cuz she's a special an  amazing girl.

      Dipper: I wish I could make her see, that not only him she has me. But I guess she wants to sulk all day, I never knew it could be this way. I want her to see.

      Mabel: I don't know why I'm so heartbroken, it hurts to even say his name. But now that he has done this, it will never be the same. I want to be able to see, that he actually loves me. I hope it isn't a dream, I want it to be real for me.

      Katy: Why can't they see? That they don't only have their loves, they have each other. Why can't I breathe? They need to appreciate one another. I wish they'd be able to say how they actually feel about this, instead of denial and utter dis.

      Stan: I want her to see, that the same thing happened to me. Now I hope I can help her with this chapter in her life, let her know she'll survive. 

      Mabel: Even if I can't see, what's wrong with me. It would sink through, that I'm missing...youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. *tear goes down face*

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    • (Nice song XP Wish I could hear it for real)

      - You see everyone frowning and sighing at once, then it cuts to Stan siting on his bed-

      Stan: *sighs*

      Ford: *Knocks on Stan's door and walks into his room* Knock knock Stanley. can I come in?

      Stan: *looks away from Ford, frowning* I'm not in the mood..

      Ford: *sits down on the bed and puts his hand on Stan's shoulder* What's the Matter Stan? Something is clearly troubling you. *seems concerned*

      Stan: I'm just thinking about Carla again..*looks at Ford*

      Ford: Ahhh Carla McCorkle, good girl. You know, I always thought you two were perfect for each other!

      Stan: R-really? you mean that? *a little smile appears on his face*

      Ford: *nods* Why yes I do! Also if it wasn't for that hippy, you might have had a totally different life!

      Stan: *frowns* I've never thought about it like that before..I might have settled down, had a kid..I might have not come to Gravity Falls 30 years ago..and then you wouldn't have gotten trapped in the portal....*sighs*

      Ford: *frowns* That maybe true Stanley *looks at the door, then back at him*..but think about the life you have now, the kids love you, you have a business that you created on your own AND people pay money to see it! *puts hand on shoulder and looks stright at Stan in the eyes with a smile* and now you've got me back as well.

      Stan: *smiles at him* Thanks Sixer! I needed that.

      Ford: Anytime Stan, remember that we can rely on each other again.

      Stan: High-6?

      Ford: High-6.

      -They High-6-

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    • (Dipper has a song too by himself.)  Deal with it :P )


      I feel as if, I have sunk through a hole in the darkness. I fear that I may not over this.

      I want to get over you, but I can't dismiss.

      I needto stop thinking of you, that's my only wish.

      But you know what they say, that I can't feel this way. It's far too late to express what I've been feeling. The truth is

      I toss and turn at night thinking about us together. I want to believe that it will get better. But I'm kinda trapped where I am now. I just want it to be real and maybe make you say wow.

      But I have another that I have to attend. I mean at least she likes me doesn't have to pretend.

      She's about like you just younger. A little bit blonde too, I've known you longer.

      I can't get over you.

      Plz help me get over you.

      I want to get over you.

      (Wendy joins in)

      I'm afraid that this is a one sided love, you're a great friend. A guardian angel above. I think you're mistaken,for you don't see. That you will be..

      Over me.


      But what if I don't, what if I never learn.

      Wendy: that isn't my concern.

      Dipper: But I've been dreaming of us all summer

      Wendy: well it looks like that's gonna be a bummer.

      Dipper: you say I'm too young for you!

      Wendy: You are.

      Dipper: But I want you

      Wendy: Way too far.

      Dipper: I've seen what you can do.

      Wendy: I'm not listening to you

      Dipper: But I've been dreaming of you day and night 

      Wendy: that's kinda a fright

      Dipper: But I love

      Wendy: You need to quit. Make yourself admit. That you're over me,why can't you see? You're over it. You think you aren't but you deeply are. There's  a girl who wants you, she thinks you're a star. Stop going after someone who doesn't feel the same way, I know you'll know the same  thing some....


      ~Wendy hugs dipper~

      Wendy: Go to her.

      Dipper: thanks Wendy 

      Wendy: no problem

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    • ~Meanwhile Mabel with Waddles~ 

      Mabel: feels like a breakup. 

      Waddles: *oink*

      Mabel: yeah I know right.

      Waddles: *oink* *oink* 

      Mabel: Waddles you ladies man! *laughs and hugs*

      ~Mabel looks at her kitty meow meow telephone~

      Mabel: Never said I couldn' him.. *dials number*

      • Phone says: blocked number*
      • Mabel unblocks Number and the name of the Number is: Creepy Dork*

      Mabel: I seriously need to change that caller ID name.

      • phone rings*
      • nobody picks up*


      Gideon: *writing on paper finding out a plan* *hears phone ring* 

      • Phone ID of the caller says: The Terrible Pines Family*

      Gideon: I seriously need to change the caller ID for them. It's probably Mabel. But....No. can't pick it up.

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    • Wait can I participate in this -.•

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    • Bill Cipher the demon wrote:
      Wait can I participate in this -.•

      Uhmmmm.....idk.....we kinda have a cycle going....

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    • Dipper: Thanks Wendy, I really needed that. I'm going to go talk to Pacifica now.

      Wendy: *squishes Dipper's hat* Go get her tiger.

      Dipper: *Leaves the Mystery Shack and runs to the Northwest Mansion*

      Wendy: *sighs when Dipper leaves*

      Katy: *walks in on Wendy* You ok Wendy?

      Wendy: *turns to Katy* Oh yeah dude, I'm alright.

      Katy: *looks cocerned* I heard what happened between you and Dipper..

      Wendy: Oh that *sits down on a stoll* It's time he faces the truth. It's time he forgets about "us" and thinks about dating someone his own age.

      Katy: *pats Wendy on the back* Don't take it too hard. Dipper means well..I'm sure he'll get over you..he's a strong kid, you now what he's been through, I'm sure he can take a little-well I hate to use the word "rejection"- but you know what I mean. *frowns*

      Wendy: Yeah, I know what you mean. *smiles and puts hand out for fist bump*

      Katy: *smiles and fist bumps Wendy*

      Both: BOOSH!

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    • Mabel: *hangs up the phone* He's never gonna pick up if I call him. It's hopeless. 

      Waddles: oink oink

      Mabel: you're right Waddles. I need to distract myself.

      Waddles: oink oink

      Mabel: thanks Waddles! You're the best! *gets out of bedroom*


      Gideon: I have to do this..But I can't give Bill any ideas..II mean...he doesn't know what I'm up to. for Gravity Falls.

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    • Dipper: Rings the speaker box on the Northwest's gate*

      ???: Hello?

      Dipper: H-Hi. This is Dipper Pines-

      ???: The Northwest's aren't home right now, please leave a message after the beep *beep*

      Hi. This is Dipper Pines, may I come in sometime to see Pacifica? I have some I need to talk to her about.

      Pacifica:*taps Dipper on the shoulder and smirks* Hey Pines, what are you doing in front of my mansion?

      Dipper: *jumps* Pacifica! You scared me! Listen, there's something I need to talk to you about....

      Pacifica: Ok and that is? *folds arms*

      Dipper: Here it goes..*inhales*  PacificaSinceILikeYou,WillYouBeMyGirlfriend?


      Dipper:*frowns* I knew it was too good to be true..

      Pacifica: I'm not laughing AT you! I'm laughing because of course I'll be your girlfriend! You big doof. *hugs Dipper and smiles* I like you too.

      Dipper: *hugs back* Well now that that's over, do you want to go on another date?

      Pacifica: Well alright, how does the mall sound?

      Dipper: No offence, but ew no.

      Pacifica: *rolls her eyes* Well boys will be boys. How about ice cream then?

      Dipper: Yeah, I'd like that. Sunday at 12pm?

      Pacifica: *giggles*  Sure thing!

      Dipper: Alright, see you then! *walks backwards and trips* Gaaa! I'm ok!

      Pacfica: *helps him up and blushes* Oh Dipper!

      Dipper: *laughs and blushes* Ha, my bad, thanks..I was disracted by-never mind *blushes even more*

      Pacifica: *blushes back* I think I know... well Dipper, I can't wait for that date on Sunday! And don't worry about money, It's on me. I have more then I know what to do with it!

      Dipper: Really? I mean I want to be a gentlemen, but if you insitst I guess it's ok! *chuckles*

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    • Pacifica: see ya Dipper! *waves as he walks away from the ma soon property.

      Dipper: *waves back*

      Pacifica: I need to go inside. *walks through doors*

      ~Preston and Priscilla are waiting for her*

      Priscilla: Why was that boy here,darling?

      Pacifica: Oh, Dipper?

      Preston: Yes. Dopper. Why was he here? 

      Pacifica: His name is Dipper. And also he was just here to see me. 

      Priscilla: But he isn't wealthy, I thought I raised you better!

      Pacifica: Chill out mom! I like him and I think he likes me. 

      Preston: Pacifica Eloise Northwest! 

      Pacifica: Sorry Dad, I'm going to my room. How about you actually trust me for once? You should value my.opinion. You're my father after all

      Priscilla: Honey....I think we should listen to her.

      Preston: What? What a crazy thing to say Priscilla!

      Priscilla: We should let her man  her own decisions. Plus if everything goes well with them, we'll have a smart guy to inherit our fortune

      Preston: What nonsense.

      Priscilla: Pacifica! Of course you can date Dopper.

      Pacifica: Dipper.

      Priscilla: Yes, dipper. I think your  old enough to make your own decisions Pacifica.

      Pacifica: Really! Thanks mom! *hugs Priscilla*

      Priscilla: Now go darling, don't wrinkle my dress.

      Pacifica: Sorry! Thanks mom again. *goes to bedroom*

      Preston: *watches her go* I.hope you're right about this Priscilla.

      Priscilla: Of course I am. She's a teenager. She needs to make her own choices. 

      Preston: Whatever you say.

      Priscilla: Now, I'm going to talk to her! Perhaps help her decide what to wear and such. Goodbye dear. *goes to pacificas Room*

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    • Dipper: *watches her go inside* YES! I did it! *jumps up with excitement*

      Oh man I can't believe she said yes! I better play it cool though when I get back to the shack. *walks back to the Mystery Shack*


      Mabel:*comes down from the attic* Hi guys, what's going on?

      Katy: Hey Mabel! *waves*

      Wendy: Nothing much, what's up with you?

      Mabel: *sighs* Trying to get my mind off Gideon..

      Wendy: Yikes.

      Katy: Well we can help with that, right Wendy!?

      Wendy: Yeah, girl's club!

      Katy: *grabs Mabel's hand* Let's hit the town!


      -The girls head downtown- 

      Katy: Ok Mabel, what do you want to do?

      Mabel: *sighs when she sees a bill board with Gideon on it*

      Katy: *pops her head in front of the bill board so Mabel can't see it* Come on Mabel, let's go get some pancakes at Greasy's Diner.

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    • ~Meanwhile~

      Priscilla: *knocks on door* Darling may I come in?

      Pacifica: Yeah, come on in mom.

      Priscilla: *walks in and sits on bed next to Pacifica* I'm so sorry about how your father and I treat you..

      Pacifica: Yeah, wait...You're apologizing?

      Priscilla: Indeed I am. Your father and I...just want the best for you. We don't want you worrying about how cruel the world can be.

      Pacifica: the world isn't that cruel mom. I know. Dipper's shown me.

      Priscilla: You really do like that boy don't you..?

      Pacifica: Yeah. I do. He made me realize that I can be a good person.

      Priscilla: Yes. I'm sorry I haven't taught you that. It's just looks are very important...

      Pacifica: Mom!

      Priscilla: What they are! 

      Pacifica: Haha. Thanks mom. ^-^

      Priscilla: My pleasure. *gets up*

      Pacifica: You're leaving?

      Priscilla: Yes. I need to have Lucy make you a dress!

      Pacifica: What for?

      Priscilla: your date with Dipper of course!

      Pacifica: Thanks mom

      Priscilla: I love you Pacifica, you're an amazing daughter. *hugs and walks out of the room*

      Pacifica: She actually said she loved me.... *smiles* Maybe it's a turning point :)

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    • (Awwww! <3)


      Dipper: *goes inside the Mystery Shack and sees Stan* Hey Grunkle Stan!

      Stan: *is sitting in his chair* Hey kiddo, whatcha you up to?

      Dipper: *says this casually* Oh nothing much, I just asked Pacifica out, you know, nothing big.

      Stan: Are you kidding? That's great! 

      Dipper: *mumbles* and nothing awkward..

      Stan: What was that? *rasies an eyebrow*

      Dipper: Oh, nothing! *looks around* Where are the girls?

      Stan: I think they went out to get Mabel's mind off Gideon. I don't know.

      Dipper: Well in that case, I'm going to look downtown for them. Thanks Grunkle Stan!

      Stan: Yeah Yeah, have fun. *smiles as he sips a Pitt Cola*

      Dipper: Mind if I take the golf cart?

      Stan: *throws him the keys* knock yourself out

      Dipper: *the keys hit Dipper in the face* Ow! *picks them up off of the ground*

      Stan: Whoops.

      Dipper: It's alright, I got it. *walks out of the Mystery Shack and starts up the go cart*

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    • ~Meanwhile~ 

      Gideon: *looks at a picture of Mabel* I miss you Marshmella. 

      ~Papers begin flying around his room and Bill comes out of a blue vortex~

      Bill: Have you taken care of them yet?

      Gideon: Not yet. They seem too suspicious. I need to get in good with them. 

      Bill: You're right. The best thing we should do is make you irresistible to Mabel if Mabel approves of you, the others will too. 

      Gideon: Perfect idea! Do you have a spell that could do that?

      Bill: Kid, I've gotten millions of spells. *throws piece of paper at Gideon*

      Gideon: Okay. I've got this. 

      Bill: Don't disappoint me. I could still always get rid of you. So don't do anything stupid. 

      Gideon: Right.

      Bill: Well remember reality is an illusion the earth is a hologram. Buy gold bye!

      ~vortex disappears~

      Gideon: *looks at paper in his hand* The things I do for love.


      Mabel: Dipper! I'm so proud of you! Pacifica! I knew you guys were perfect together!

      Dipper: *blushes* Hehe...

      Mabel: This IS big! A second date!

      Dipper: I guess so..

      Mabel: *punches Dipper in the arm* Bro bro, nice.

      Dipper: Thanks. 

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    • -coughs- may I join? c: 

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    • Queen Desi wrote:

      Gideon: *looks at a picture of Mabel* I miss you Marshmella. 

      ~Papers begin flying around his room and Bill comes out of a blue vortex~

      Bill: Have you taken care of them yet?

      Gideon: Not yet. They seem too suspicious. I need to get in good with them. 

      Bill: You're right. The best thing we should do is make you irresistible to Mabel if Mabel approves of you, the others will too. 

      Gideon: Perfect idea! Do you have a spell that could do that?

      Bill: Kid, I've gotten millions of spells. *throws piece of paper at Gideon*

      Gideon: Okay. I've got this. 

      Bill: Don't disappoint me. I could still always get rid of you. So don't do anything stupid. 

      Gideon: Right.

      Bill: Well remember reality is an illusion the earth is a hologram. Buy gold bye!

      ~vortex disappears~

      Gideon: *looks at paper in his hand* The things I do for love.


      Mabel: Dipper! I'm so proud of you! Pacifica! I knew you guys were perfect together!

      Dipper: *blushes* Hehe...

      Mabel: This IS big! A second date!

      Dipper: I guess so..

      Mabel: *punches Dipper in the arm* Bro bro, nice.

      Dipper: Thanks. 

      • the universe is a hologram
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    • Ok so if it's okay I'll hop in. Any characters avaible I could be?

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    • Kasara I adore you. But you can't join. We have our own certain style and weve been doing this too long, we are in the middle of serious roleplays and we can't just add new members. Sorry :c

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    • Peacexfreedom
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    • Okay.. :l It's fine.

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    • Kasara wrote:
      Ok so if it's okay I'll hop in. Any characters avaible I could be?

      Kasara u can see about being in my Roleplay if you'd like

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    • Sure. Link me to it? c: 

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    • Stop advertising ulur roleplay on my roleplay forum please.

      Thank yhu <3 


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    • Alrght. Thanks again!

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    • (I missed the nvm, sorry Desi I lost the rp for a little bit and it didn't show up on my notifications. I think you handled the comments in a nice way :D Just one thing before I can start, is Pacifica with the twins or does Dipper her still need to meet with her.)

      "Mabel: Dipper! I'm so proud of you! Pacifica! I knew you guys were perfect together!"

      You mentioned her so..

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    • He still needs to meet with her

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    • Dipper: Ow..*rubs arm*

      Mabel: *shakes Dipper* Well come on! Let's go pick out your outfit for your ice cream date! Iv'e got a pug sunday shirt with your name on it!

      Dipper: What's wrong with what I've wearing?

      Mabel: Dipper, you ALWAYS wear that!

      Dipper: Hmm..* Is about ready to speak but Mabel cuts him off*

      Mabel: And no, you're not wearing that V neck!

      Dipper: *folds his armsand has a grumpy face*

      Katy: *pops her head into the room (let's say the attic)* What's going on cousins?

      Mabel: Dipper asked Pafifica out for a second date!

      Katy: Whaaat? Way to go Dipper!

      Dipper: *blushes* Aw shuck you guys, why do you have to make such a fuss over me!

      Mabel: Love is in the air Dipper! You really think I'm not going to jump at the chance to help? *puts her arm around his shoulder*

      Dipper: *takes her arm off* I never ASKED for your help Mabel! 

      Mabel: Aw come on Dipper, you know I'm an expert match maker!

      Dipper: *mumples* YourTheOnlyOneThat'sEverSaidThatEver

      Mabel: What's that?

      Dipper: Oh, nothing..I'd just like it if you guys let me figure it out on my own..

      • everyone pauses for a couple seconds*

      Katy: Well on an unrelated note, Stan said dinner's ready when you two are ready to come down.

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    • Mabel: I wish Gideon was here...I mean...No. I don't. I need to stop this. Okay let's get you ready Dipper.

      Dipper: I'm concerned for you. 

      ​Mabel: what do you mean? I'm fine! 

      Dipper: You're thinking about Gideon...again...

      Mabel:pffft no I'm not

      Dipper: Mabel. Do you want to talk about it? 

      Mabel: You're right ..I AM thinking about him.

      Dipper: He's doing what he needs to.

      Mabel: but WHY can't I see him?

      Dipper: He's pretending to be on Bill's side.

      Mabel: I know...but UGH! It's just..terrible 

      Dipper: *hugs Mabel*

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    • (Ughhh I had a great replay and Wiki didn't post it!!)

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    • Dipper: *hugs Mabel* He's only staying away while we try to figure out a new way to defeat Bill again. Bill's a trickster Mabel and we don't want to take any chances!

      Mabel: *Flops on the her bed and curls up into a ball* I know I know! Ughh I wish I spent more time with him during the summer.

      Dipper: You know Gideon was a different person back then.

      Mabel: *Mabel sits up and wipes away a tear* R-Really? You think he was that different?

      Dipper: Well yeah, Weirdmadgeddon changed him Mabel! If he didn't sacrifice himself and given me the key to your bubble, I wouldn't have been able to save you!

      Mabel: You're right Dipper *she smiles at a picture of Gideon then frowns* I still miss him though and I bet it hurts him a lot more than it hurts me. He's loved me all this time, and I'm just starting to love him back.

      Dipper: It's for the best Mabel, He's trying to stay strong for you, he's trying to protect you and a hero for doing so! If it wasn't for him keeping up the act Bill would try to eliminate our family!

      Mabel: Alright Dipper, thanks for the talk, I needed that.

      Dipper: Hey no problem, anything for you Mabel!

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    • -Meanwhile-

      Stan, Ford, and Katy are at the table about to have pizza

      Stan: So..what's taking those kids so long?

      Katy: *Nervously sweats* Uh well Mabel is upset about...Waddles! He ate something today and-

      Ford: Funny, he doesn't look sick

      Katy: Yeah well he spit it up earlier..heheheh *wispers to Ford* it's about the nacho!

      Ford: Ahh and how the nacho might choke Waddles? *whispers* the family?

      Katy: *Nods*


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    • ~Meanwhile~

      Gideon: I have to do

      (Takes out bolo tie and ties on his neck) 

      (Bud opens the door) 

      Bud: why hello boy, are ya alright? You seem glum.

      Gideon: Daddy, I have to stay away from my beautiful Mabel, for awhile.

      Bud: How come?

      Gideon: you wouldn't understand.

      Bud: I guess I wouldn't. But there is some ice cream in th  freezer downstairs for ya.

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    • Gideon: without nuts?I

      Bud: Yup. 

      Gideon: I'll be down in a bit.

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    • (Lol) 

      -Meanwhile back at the Mystery Shack-

      Dipper and Mabel come down to have Pizza

      Mabel: Were coming Grunkle Stan!

      Stan: Woof, finally I'm starving. Let's dig in everyone!

      Dipper and Mabel sit down

      Mabel: Aw man did I miss the pizza guy? I wonder how he's doing, he hasn't written me in a while.

      Ford: *chuckles when he remembers how fast Mabel made friends with him*

      Katy: Oh you mean Sam? He told me to tell you he says "hi". (Lol, "Sam the Pizza man" just popped into my head after I wrote that. XD)

      Mabel: That's nice of him! *smiles*

      Katy: Yeah he's a nice guy. *smiles back*

      Dipper: Hey Grunkle Stan, did he bring any cheese and peppers?

      Grunkle Stan: *tosses over some packets*

      Dipper: Thanks! *puts some on his pepperoni pizza* 

      Mabel and Katy look at each other when they see the pepperoni

      Katy: I'll stick with my cheese

      Mabel: Yeah, I'm not eating that, they could have been related to Waddles!

      Waddles: Wreep!

      Mabel: *pets Waddles*

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      • meanwhile*

      Pacifica: Ugh! I have nothing to wear!!! *throws clothes around room*

      Priscilla: Darling, I have a surprise for you!

      Pacifica: Is it something to wear for my date with Dipper?

      Priscilla: Yes actually.

      Pacifica: Then let me see!

      Priscilla: *pulls put a box and opens it*

      (The dress is purple and has a white bow on the waist. Comes with white shoes) 

      Pacifica: Mom I love it!

      Priscilla: Perfect! Try it on!

      Pacifica: *tries on dress* This is so beautiful. Thanks so much mom! 

      Priscilla: No need dear. You look absolutely dazzling!

      Pacifica: *smiles* Thanks! *hugs Priscilla*

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    • (Sweet moment ^D^ )

      After the Pines finish their dinner they go to the den to watch a movie.

      Soos: *rings the doorbell*

      Mabel: I'll get it! *gets the door* Hey Soos, come on in!

      Soos: *comes in* Thanks Hambone! I brought some anime sword fight movies.

      Mabel: (says it sarcasticlly) Oh, great..none of the Pop Culture Princess movies?

      Soos: Nope, sorry dude

      Mabel: *frowns* Aw..

      Both walk into the den

      Dipper: *waves hand* Hey Soos! 

      Katy: *waves also* Heyo!

      Stan: *raises hand up but doesn't wave* Hey, glad you could join us.

      Soos: *smiles* (He feels like he's part of the family)

      Stan: Whatcha got there? *points to the 2 videos under his arm*

      Soos: Ho nothing much, SwordMaster and SwordMaster V.s The Giant Squid.

      Stan: Oy, you and your anime Soos. *chuckles*

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    • Mabel: Guys...I'll be back in a little bit.

      Dipper:...Okay...Are you alright?

      Mabel: yeah. Just getting fresh air.

      Dipper: Okay. If you say so.

      Mabel: yeah. 30 minutes tops.

      Dipper: Okay.

      Katy: do you want me to come with you?

      Mabel: NO! I mean...just let me go alone..Okay?

      Katy: I guess so.

      Mabel: Okay.

      ~MAbel goes outside~

      Mabel: Wow. Lots of stars out. If only I had someone to enjoy them with opera glasses. *sigh* 

      (A couple walks by arms around each other)

      Mabel: Maybe it's hopeless.. WWait...Dipper always saves the day...why can't I? I've got a plan! 


      Gideon: Tomrorow is the day.

      (Phone rings) 

      Gideon: Gleeful residence. Gideon speaking. Which Pines is this?

      Mabel: it's me Gideon.

      Gideon: Mabel...we're not supposed to be-

      Mabel: shut up! I know. I just wanted to talk a little bit.

      Gideon: what's wrong..are you okay?

      Mabel: Yeah. 

      Gideon: Are you sure?

      Mabel: totally. Just haven't talked to you in awhile.

      Gideon: it's been a day marshmella.

      Mabel: I know.

      Gideon: Don't worry it'll be over soon.

      Mabel: Okay. I hope you're right.

      Gideon: *looks out window* There is alot of stars out tonight. Do you have your-

      Mabel: Opera glasses? Of course!

      Gideon: They're beautiful 

      Mabel: I know. I had to call you, while looking at them.

      Gideon: That's sweet Mabel. But it's not safe or smart for us to 've engaging in communication right now.

      Mabel: English please?

      Gideon: we shouldn't be talking, it'll give off the plan. Bill will know I'm lying.

      Mabel: I know..I'm sorry.

      Gideon: don't be. I was relieved to hear your voice.

      Mabel: Me too. I guess I should go then, huh?

      Gideon: That might be the best.

      Mabel: Okay bye Gideon. Love you.

      Gideon: love you too marshmella. *hangs up*


      Katy: aren't you guys kind of worried about Mabel?

      Dipper: no, why would we?

      Katy: she's obviously hiding something.

      Stan: she takes after her good ol Grunkle Stan, so proud of her.

      Katy: I'm going to go check on her.

      Dipper: Okay. Report back.

      Katy: yeah yeah.

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    • Katy: *picks up a couple Pitt Sodas and walks outside to check on Mabel* How ya doing there Mabel?

      Mabel: *Looks up behind her* Oh hey I didn't see you there! *quickly puts her phone away*..I was just looking at all of the stars out tonight.

      Katy: *Sits down next to her on the porch steps and hands her a Pitt* Yeah, I know one Shooting Star who's out. *Chuckles* You're missing all the fun inside Mabel.

      Mabel: *Takes Pitt* Thanks, but I don't feel like watching a movie right now..

      Katy: *Sees the opera glasses* I can tell you were just talking to Gideon. Either that or about to ditch us to go watch an opera!

      Mabel: *Laughs a little* I guess I should have hidden those too, huh. *Sips Pitt*

      Katy: It's cool. *Nudges Mabel with the side of her body* Come on, tell ol cousin Katy about your troubles. *takes off hat and puts it back on* I'm taking off my fun hat, and putting on my therapy hat! So what seems to be the trouble?

      Mabel: Well as you know, I REALLY miss Gideon! I keep thinking about him, ok?

      Katy: *Nods head* Mhmm keep going, Dr. Feels is here to listen.

      Mabel: Ughh I can't get him out of my mind! I don't know why but I keep feeling-

      Katy: Do you think that could because you're worried about him? Because of Bill?

      Mabel: Probably that's it.. he's giving everything for me, for us. I just wish there was a way I could thank him!

      Katy: You know what they say, all good things come to those who wait.

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    • (Dangggggg girl, that's so good!)

      Mabel: Thanks so much Katy. Just...can we keep this between US?

      Katy: of course. *smiles* 

      Mabel: Okay. Thanks.

      Katy: Yeah. So what do you want to do instead of a movie? Girl time?

      Mabel: I could really use that right now. *smiles*

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    • (Aw thank you very much!)

      Katy: *Stands up to stretch*  Well alright then.*Stretches* Ahh, so do you want to take a walk or something? *puts hand out to help Mabel up*

      Mabel: *Takes Katy's hand and stands up* Thanks, and sure that sounds good. It's pretty dark out though, we should get a flashlight. *starts to Walk toward the door*

      Katy: *gently grabs Mabel's arm to stop her* No need Mabel. I can get it for you. *she smiles*

      Mabel: Thanks again. *hugs Katy*

      Katy: *Blushes and hugs Mabel back* Anytime. *Lets go and walks inside the Mystery Shack*

      Dipper: *hears the door shut and sees Katy go into the dining room*

      Katy: *Goes through a drawer* Here it is! *Tries to turn it on but it's out of batteries* Aw no batteries! *mumbles* Batteries, batteries batteries...

      Dipper: *Taps her on the shoulder* Looking for this? *Is holding a flashlight*

      Katy: *Jumps a little and turns around* Dipper! You startled me.

      Dipper: *Flips the flashlight around* Whoops, sorry about that. So how's it going with Mabel? *Hands her the flashlight*

      Katy: *Takes the flashlight* Oh she's doing alright. Mabel wants some girl time though so were taking a night walk.

      Dipper: Alright. You two have fun and be carful.

      Katy: *smerks as she packs her backpack* Yeah yeah I know Dipping Sauce. *Puts on her backpack* After all we've been through this summer? I think we can handle another walk in the woods. *Turns the flashlight upward on her face so her smile looks creepy* Haha! *Turns it off and puts her hand on Dipper's shoulder* Don't worry Dipper, Mabel and I can handle things on our own.

      Dipper: I know. But I worry about you two. I just don't want anything bad to happen.

      Katy: *Gives him a hug and smiles* You're a really sweet brother Dipper. I wish I had a brother like you.

      Dipper: *Hugs her back and turns red* Yeah I try to, but trust me, we have our share of sibling bickering.

      Katy: *Laughs* When?  From I've seen, you two are the best when you're together! Seriously though, I love you two.

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    • (That moment you spell "smirk" incorrectly lol)

      Dipper: *smiles* We love you too. 

      Katy: *makes and hugs again* Yay!

      Mabel: Ready to go Katy???

      Katy: Yup let's go!

      • They walk outside the shack*

      Mabel: Its nice out here. *smiles*

      Katy: Mabel, can I ask you a question?

      Mabel: Sure. What's up?

      Katy: What are you going to do if we don't succeed at defeating Bill?

      Mabel: Oh my gosh, I never thought about that.

      Katy: what would happen, I mean Bill isn't going to be forgiving.

      Mabel: if it doesn't work I'll fake it till I make it.

      Katy: Okay. Thanks. I was really wondering.

      Mabel:Yup let's continue walking

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    • (Whoops I was so in the zone I didn't notice. Plus in the visual mode typos don't show up. XD)

      Katy and Mabel continue walking for a while and half way through their walk they hear a strange noise.

      Mabel: *hears rustling in the bushes* Katy, did you hear that?

      Katy: No. *hears it too*

      Mabel: There it is again!

      Katy: Yeah I heard it too. What is that? It sounds like a maraca!

      Mabel: *Gasps* The maraca owl!

      Katy: That owl you saw when Dipper was making his Dipper's Guide To The Unexplained show? 

      Mabel: Yeah that's the one! Either that or the hidebehind, but I've never seen one of those before.

      Katy: Mabel it's a hidebehind, of course you haven't seen one before, no one has! *laughs*

      Mabel: *Laughs* Haha...yeah...but what if it is?

      Katy: Then in that case, someone is going to need to disract it while the other hides behind the hidebehind and records it on my camera! *takes her camera out of her backback*

      Mabel: Haha awesome! That sounds like a good plan. *gives Katy a thumbs up*

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    • Mabel: *hides behind tree* 

      Katy: Oh..It's dark out here 

      • hide behind is behind Katy* 

      Mabel: *comes from behind and snaps picture of Hide Behind*

      • hide behind runs away* 

      Katy *high fives Mabel* We got him! 

      Mabel: Yeah we did! I'm a mystery twin after all! 

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    • (Can I join this RP by any chance)

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    • Dalekcraft314 wrote:
      (Can I join this RP by any chance)

      I'd love for you to, but we're way too far into it to add any additonal people, sorry </3

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    • (This is dead guys...... let's pick it back up)

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    • Katy: Yeah Mabel, you're awesome!

      Mabel: *Blushes* Aww thanks Katy!

      Katy: *blushes and side hugs Mabel* No prob Bob.

      Mabel: *Giggles and hugs her back* You know it's Mabel.

      Katy: Haha, I know.

      Mabel: So what should we do now?

      Katy: Hmm...Hey, let's go back to the shack and get these pictures developed! *Takes the camera from Mabel and holds it up in the air in front of them*

      Mabel: *Rolls eyes and folds her arms* Psssh, you and Dipper with your old fashioned cameras...

      Katy: *shrugs* You can't beat the classics!

      Mabel: I think I'm ready to head back now, it's getting pretty dark out.

      Katy: Well it's a good thing I brought a flashlight! *reaches into her backpack and pulls out the flashlight* Do you think I should put the camera away, or keep it out just in case we see something else?

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    • ((wait you all are still doing this 

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    • I thought we were... Ally please respond? :3

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    • An anonymous contributor
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