• Hi :)

    I dunno if you are on Slack still, so this will have to be public (best to be open anyway)

    You may want to see this thread, which relates to Gravity Falls.  I have told CoinsCP that I will be sharing it with a GF admin, although I'll admit I dithered given Topdarlingwh's behavor.

    Let me know if you have any questions

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    • I know this was not posted to my wall, but I just so happen to see it as I was going to message ThePK.

      Other users have brought this to my attention. I'm sure that ThePK will see this soon (if he hasn't already), but I just wanted to let you know that a GF wikia admin has seen this message/is informed.

      Hope this didn't seem "intrusive" ;)

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    • Not at all, I'm happy to know you're aware :)

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    • We've had problems with Topdarlingwh before. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Sannse. It's nice to hear from you :)

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    • @ThePK to be honest I'm quite bewildered by the fact that you've said this. The only "trouble" I've ever caused on this wikia is a chat banned which I may remind you, was given to: me, CoinsCP himself, Mf99k and IamZim now known as AbercrombieFizzwidget for fairness reasons. There was also a misunderstanding when I called a vandal user a bad name, but I cleared that up with EvergreenFir. All this to say, I've never had an issue disrupting the overall homeostasis of this Wikia or even a direct issue with you… So I'm still a bit confused to where this info is being based form…

      As for making this a public affair, in my opinion, there was no need. The fact that anyone knew this information didn't change or disturb this Wikia. Besides, CoinsCP received no follow-up for some reason? All I ask is this thread be removed, I have followed all the rules while being banned (which is not being in contact with Wikia in any way: IP, personally, etc. until said period is over). More details can be found in this vote thread.

      Thank you—Topdarlingwh (talk) 00:47, March 3, 2016 (UTC)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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