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    Thank you for visiting the Gravity Falls wiki.

    Your test worked, and/or your edit was inappropriate and unnecessary. Your edit(s) has/have been reverted. Thank you, and please refrain from vandal behavior in the future.

    Please do not rename officially named pages.

    Sadly, due to overwhelming vandalism on the wikia any renaming of that page will not be tolerated. If there are any confusions about the name you are free to consult the official overview that is found on the page as well.

    Note: This message was sent be a regular user (me) due to a lack of active administrators and users with user rights. Also, due to the fact that the wikia is preparing for an abundance of vandalism to come with the upcoming episode. Normally a message like this is not my responsibly.

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    • Yeah, the thing is on Alex's tumblr post about the #GravityFinale, he refers to the most recent episode as "Weirdmageddon II: Escape From Reality", instead of "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality". Plus, Weirdmageddon III is named...well, Weirdmageddon III. It feels inconsistent.

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    • The official overviews are what the wikia uses. Also you can rename pages like that without using the {{Rename}} template. "Weirdmageddon III" is only a temporary name until/if Disney releases an official name.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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