• Gravity Falls - Alex Hirsch at New York Comic Con 2015

    Gravity Falls - Alex Hirsch at New York Comic Con 2015

    The question is asked at minute 2:41 of this video.

    I don't usually write stuff like this but with surprisingly interesting information such as this, I think at least a mini discussion can be done.

    In an interview with Alex Hirsch by one of the wikia's admins "The PK" a question was asked, "Is Ford hiding anything under his sweater?" Alex responded by saying, "Ha, ha, ha! Eh yeah, yes he is!"

    Obviously the way he responded this sounds like another joke, but think about for a second Ford never takes off his jacket. Don't believe me? Well during the cold open of "The Last Mabelcorn" he is even seen sleeping with his jacket on him. This is kind of an odd behavior when you think about it.

    What do you guys think? Is Ford hiding something or is this just another joke by Alex?

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