• Greetings my friend. I know that the next episode of Gravity Falls, Season 2 is more likely is the best episode that we expected. But, I need to ask something important to you. This questions are about strange things happening or will happen here in Gravity Falls and/or GF Wikia.

    1. What are you going to do if Gravity Falls is over? I think the timeline of the show is come to an end. I'm going to miss this show very much.

    2. Do you think this is the end of everything? I mean the GF Wikia will no longer active in the next few months after the show is completely over.

    3. Do you think it's possible to have season 3 in Gravity Falls? If not, what would you like to predict Dipper and Mabel after the summer is over?

    Try to answer this wisely asyou can. And thanks for your comment.

    - Jay-R Lucero

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    • 1. It's really sad to think about this question. Even after Gravity Falls is completed, I will never say that Gravity Falls is "over." Fans can fangirl forever, and that's what I'm going to do. 

      2. I'm not really sure if the Gravity Falls Wiki will become unactive. Either way, I'm not leaving, I'm not going to stop contributing, and I'm not going to not be Lcclamerica. I'm going to keep on developing my user page and articles. 

      3. I would love to have another season of Gravity Falls when season 2 is finished, and/or a movie, as Alex Hirsch suggested. However, I will not blame the Gravity Falls crew if they stop being the Gravity Falls crew. They worked to make Gravity Falls possible, and I'm grateful that they did. 

      We will always have Gravity Falls in our hearts.

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    • Yeah man. I or We going to miss this show very much. I dont know if I love or hate Disney so much that every series has a story about when or where it started. I love Disney so much is that sometimes if gives me some good things or advice I have to do in a reality world, I going to give a credit to Alex Hirsch for that, thank you very much. And the only thing I hate it is that, at the end of the series, it's time to say "farewell" to the show. It's all about heartbreaking stuff and we have to accept it. And I have to admit that Gravity Falls is the best show ever here in Disney XD or Disney Channel. I swear to myself that it would never replace to someone, NEVER.

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    • One more thing, thanks for your comment about this lately. I'm super excited about the next episode, hope that it's going to blow our minds. More things I have to ask you something important my friend. I'll see you around.

      - Jay-R

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    • An anonymous contributor
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