• Ok, so you know the blind eye symbol, right? If not, I will put up a picture.

    I just thought of a theory leading to the episode The last Mabelcorn. So we finally find out Ford's experience with Bill. Back to the blind eye, I noticed something; the eye is a version of bills eye. Don't believe me? I'll put up another picture. So I was thinking, when Ford summoned Bill, he had a dream with him in it. Bill offered some tea and to play chess, Ford thought he was a good guy. Until one day, the portal was ready, and his partner almost got sucked in it. He saw Bill's tricks, and ran away. The night after that, Ford is seen running in another dimension with bill in it. Bill said the portal will lead his monster dimension (AKA nightmare realm) to his own dimension. After that he woke up and was writing in his journal. He shut down the portal, and stopped his research. Meanwhile, Ford's partner mkgukket, was making a device to erase memories. He called it the society of the blind eye. Now back to the journal. What was Ford writing? My thought is his way of seeing Bill. So he drew an eye and crossed it out. Further proof to this theory is the writings that say:I was so blind. He lied to me. The darkness is near. Ford must've been blinded by his games and tea, and he thought he was a good guy. After the dream with the nightmare realm, Ford realised that Bill is an enemy, hence the " lied to me" part. The darkness is near could mean a few things, and one of them is how Bill is gonna destroy his dimension. So there's my theory. Hope you enjoyed!

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