• In the Northwest Mansion episode, Pacifica is the last person before the llama painting is revealed.  Given the other items in that room, it is out of place.  This points at Pacifica being the llama.  Especially when the other references to llama's so far (as I recall at least), are the llama sweater on Mabel and Larry King's head talking about it.  If Mabel is the shooting star, (as alluded to by Bill), I think we can rule out Larry King's head, that whole scene can be discounted as a llama icon on the Bill Cipher Wheel reference.  Several other GF boards/communities/posters all but agree this is a done deal, but the edits were removed as "speculation".  I challenge that.  I would like to hear the evidence on why people don't think she is the llama.  Especially given Dipper's possible relationship change with Pacifica, I think it points further to her being the llama.

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    • It's not that it's a speculation. it just needs to be fully confirmed by the creators before someone adds it because some people see it as just a painting and not anything else while the pine tree, shooting star and question mark were confirmed by Bill unlike stitch heart which is obvious.

      It could be similar to the ice bag because when the symbols appeared a ghost was nearby like the freezer ghost for ice bag and the lumberjack ghost for the painting causing some people to believe that the ice bag symbol is connected to the paranormal.

      I agree with you it has to be Pacifica she's growing into something more than a side character and since they have Robbie as stitch heart it has to balance out with Pacifica as the llama since they were both enemies to each of the twins (Robbie for Dipper and Pacifica for Mabel). I was just voicing my belief on why they delete the "speculations".

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    • Here you go.

      I was originally for this but the argument against it was fair enough that I decided to remove it. I know people who don't believe Pacifica is the llama/alpaca despite the picture. It's not obvious like Soos, Mabel, Dipper, Stan and Robbie. Therefore it can't be added.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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