• Soos's grandma says she will soon go to heaven, and Soos says "Then you'll be with grandpa."  To which the grandma calmly responds, "No, he is not there."

    At first I'm sure we all assumed that the grandma was saying he is in Hell.  I don't think so anymore.  Soos clearly believes his grandpa is dead, but his grandma's statement could just as easily imply his grandpa is alive.  She said it quite calmly. Admittedly, it might be because she hated him, but I have more reasons to think she might have meant he is alive.

    I think soos's grandpa might be the Author.

    1.  the author has to be a guy about as old as Mcgucket or Stan, Soos's grandfather would be that old.

    2. We know that the handyman "Soos" knows more than he seems.  What does Soos know, and how does he know it?  Many of us suspect the password "fixinit1" might be the password to the laptop. How would Soos know the password to a 30 year old laptop found in the Authors bunker?  Probably because it was passed down to him from his grandfather, the Author.

    3. Tricking us all into thinking a person is dead is a great way to divert suspicion away from them as a possible author.

    Well, what do all you out there have to add?  Can you think of anything more that supports or refutes these ideas?

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