• So I typed in the translations you gave for "Sock Opera" into Google Translate and, for "I must steal him away from Mabel", instead I got "Every table is'll steal my dog yibeueul". And for "Wait! Candy still loves you", I got "More yibeuyi wait! Candy and still you". I know Google Translate is not known for its accuracy, but it's usually not THAT off. Are you sure that's correct?

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    • Hi.

      To start off, I DID NOT give any translations that were in "Sock Opera". I only provided what Candy said in Korean.

      Any translations from the beginning were IN the episode itself, most likely provided by Niki Yang (Candy) herself.

      So if you have any more questions, I nicely suggest:

      1) Rewatching "Sock Opera" frame by frame.

      2) contacting either Niki Yang thru her blog/s, or Alex Hirsch himself.

      I rest my case.

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    • Okay.

      I was just wondering about the Korean characters you provided. How did you get them?

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    • When you've been a fan of everything Korean for over 11 years + K-Pop fan for 5 of those years, you're eventually gonna get something going just by ear.

      Although nothing beats studying the language itself, which I've done mostly by self-study (AKA watching dramas, variety shows, & music programs) since the actual studying is expensive.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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