Thompson is one of Wendy's friends who appears in "The Inconveniencing." He is usually seen participating in the games the guys play, such as putting ice in his pants and trying to get a jellybean in his belly button[1].


S1e5 soda fountain

Thompson and the gang enjoy a literal soda fountain.

He debuts in "The Inconveniencing" as he greets Wendy in the opening scene, while Robbie is trying to shoot balls into his belly botton, and later as Wendy introduces formally him and her other friends to Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines. He proceeds to drive the group, including the twins, to the old, abandoned convenience store the Dusk 2 Dawn. After arriving at the store, he compliments Dipper on his handiwork of getting into the store. Inside, Thompson goofs off with his friends, engaging in various activities, like filling his pants with ice and playing Dancy Pants Revolution. When Pa and Ma, angry that teenagers broke into their store, begin to make their presence known, they trap Thompson in Dancy Pants revolution, setting him and the others free after Dipper performs his "Lamby Lamby Dance." Wendy, who witnessed the entire scene, falsely describes what happened to her friends, as to save Dipper from embarrassment, and the group goes home.

S1e7 wendy dancing

Thompson dancing at the party.

Thompson appears among the many guests at the party at the Mystery Shack, most frequently on the dance floor, in "Double Dipper." In "The Time Traveler's Pig," he can be seen riding the ferris wheel with Tambry at the Mystery Fair. Wendy mentions him as she tells a story to Dipper and Robbie in "Fight Fighters," and he is seen goofing off and talking with Wendy and his other friends in "Boss Mabel."


S1e5 thompson ice

Thompson messing around with Nate and Robbie.

Thompson is a typical unconfident teenager. Desperate to fit in with his friends, he allows them to subject him to a series of humiliating stunts or dares without protest. Despite this, he is fun-loving and friendly. He enjoys playing video games, dancing[1], and hanging out with his friends.


Thompson is heavyset with light skin and brown hair and mustache stubble. He wears a light green shirt with a small bunny icon on the right of his shirt, and he has brown shorts, white socks, a black and gold watch, and brown and gray shoes.


Season 1


  • He once ate a run-over waffle for fifty cents, though he does not want other people learning of this.[1]



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