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Thistle Downe is Stan Pines' former love rival for the affections of Carla McCorkle.


Early life

Thistle was a "new age tree hugger" from the 1970s, and performed his musical act "Dimensional Healing with Thistle Downe" at the Juke Joint. According to Stan Pines, the songs he played subliminally suggested his girlfriend, Carla McCorkle, into breaking off her relationship with him and instead dating Thistle, though it is merely his suspicions. Thistle's car was later driven into a ravine by a vengeful Stan, damaging his reputation with Carla and any chances he once had of getting back together with her.

Season 1

In "Boyz Crazy," Thistle appears performing his music in Stan's flashback, where he and Carla later take off into the sky and leave a trail of rainbows in their wake. Stan later recalls exacting revenge upon Downe by wrecking his car.


According to Stan, he was a "new age tree hugger," and presumably a mellow, stereotypical hippie.


Thistle is a lanky, young man. He has long blonde hair and sideburns, with a tuft of hair for a beard. He wears a dark pink headband, a long sleeved purple shirt that reaches down to his thighs, and red bell bottom trousers. In the style of a lot of traditional hippies, he also wears a flower in his hair and carries with him an acoustic guitar.


Season 1

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