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Thing #26 is a short, round monster that Dipper and Mabel Pines encounter and try to get out of their closet during a promotional trailer for the series.


Dipper and Mabel spend several hours trying to get the creature out of their bedroom closet at night, recording the whole process on camera. Mabel remains unconvinced it's anything more than a possum, however before the batteries die they agree to open the closet door. Thing #26 bursts from the closet while the twins scream, following the battery completely dying as Mabel horrifyingly confirms it is not a possum.

Presumably after the incident, Dipper mails his parents a postcard including a picture of the beast, citing it as a need for help and/or weapons.

In the flash game Fright Night, Thing #26 appears as an enemy, attacking Dipper and Mabel while they scrounge for new oddities for the Mystery Shack.


The creature is incredibly feral and is shown to be violent when agitated, as it quickly pounces on the twins following its release from the closet. Judging from its appearance in Fright Night, Thing #26 is easily disoriented as the light from the flashlight is enough to momentarily stun it.


The creature is a short, rotund, yellow-orange creature with large white eyes with pinkish-red pupils, fangs, and short, stubby legs. It's only other distinguishing feature is a small patch of black hairs on top of its head. It resembles the Candy Monster.




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