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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "The Time Traveler's Pig." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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The episode opens to the Mystery Fair being constructed.
Stan Pines There she is, Mabel; the cheapest fair money can rent. I spared every expense.
Dipper Pines (He is heard screaming off screen, then he comes falling down in a broken tram cart) I think the sky tram is broken. Also, most of my bones.
Stan Ha ha, this guy. Alright, alright. I've got a job for you two. (Pulls out a bunch of fake safety inspection certificates with an A+ on them) I printed up a bunch of fake safety inspection certificates. Go slap one on anything that looks like a lawsuit. (Hands them to Dipper, who gives some to Mabel)
Mabel Pines Grunkle Stan, is that legal?
Stan When there's no cops around, anything's legal! Soos, how's that dunk tank coming along?
Soos Ramirez (Using a blowtorch on the handle of a dunk tank) Almost ready to go, Mr. Pines.
Stan (Knocks on the target and the seat barely moves) Ha, you've got it rigged from here to Timbuktu! There's nothing on Earth that could knock me down!
Soos Yeah, except for like a futuristic laser arm cannon.
Stan Ah. Hey, you haven't seen my red screwdriver, have ya? Darn thing went missing. (Digs around in toolbox)
Soos Maybe some magical creature or paranormal thing-um took it.
Stan Oi! You've been spending too much time with those kids. (Keeps digging in toolbox and mumbling) Alright, let's see where'd I put that thing.
Blendin Blandin (Behind some portable toilets) The mission is proceeding as planned. Over. (Uses Stan's red screwdriver to fix his camouflage suit, then walks away)
Cut to theme song.
Stan (Through megaphone:) It's 12 o' clock! The Dunk Tank is now open!
Tourists (Cover their ears as the megaphone screeches)
Stan Step right up, and dunk me folks! (points to a tourist eating a pretzel) I'm talking to you, Cut-offs!
Tourists (Are all gathered in front of Stan's dunk tank)
Stan That's right! Muffin-Top, High-Pants! Who wants a piece of me?
Tourists (Throw balls at dunk tank, but fail to knock down Stan)
Stan Ahahahaha! Come back anytime, folks! Ahahahaha!
Dipper (Eating corn dog shaped like question mark; to Wendy:) How do they get them into this shape? It's unnatural.
Wendy Corduroy But Dipper, they're so... (holds up corn dog to the end of the sign that says "DELICIOUS") delicious?
Dipper and Wendy (Laugh)
Wendy (Mustard drips on her) Aw, boo! I'll be right back. (Leaves)
Dipper I'll be right here! Haha! (Whispering:) I love you!
Mabel (Enters with two cotton candy sticks) Look at you two! Getting all romantic at the fair!
Dipper Eh, it's no big deal.
Mabel Yeah, it is!
Dipper Okay, you're right, it is! Isn't this amazing? I just dove in! I said, "Hey! You wanna hang out at the fair?" And you know what she said?
Flashback to Dipper and Wendy in the gift shop
Wendy Yeah, I guess so.
Cut back to the present
Dipper "Yeah, I guess so!" It totally worked! All your advice about just going for it, it's finally paying off!
Mabel When are you gonna learn, Dipper? I'm always right about everything! Hey, do you smell a gallon of body spray?
Robbie Valentino (Walks up) Hey, have either of you dorks seen Wendy around?
Dipper Who wants to know?
Robbie (Takes some of Mabel's cotton candy)
Mabel Hey!
Robbie Yeah, I got some new super tight jeans. (thrusts) Thought she might want to check 'em out.
Dipper Yeah! You know, I think I saw her in the Bottomless Pit. You should really go jump in there.
Robbie Maybe I will, smart guy. (Bumps Dipper on his way away)
Mabel He is such a jerk.
Dipper Yeah, but he's a jerk with tight pants and a guitar. I need to keep him away from Wendy at all costs.
Mabel I'll be there with you, brother. Whatever happens, I'll be right here, supporting you every step of the–OH MY GOSH, A PIG!! (Runs frantically and bumps several people on the way to the pigpen)
Sprott If'n you can guess the critter's weight, you can take the critter home!
Mabel (Looks at all the pigs, then sees 15-Poundy)
15-Poundy (Oinks like the word "Mabel")
Mabel (Gasps) He said "Mabel"! Either that or "doorbell." Did you say "Mabel" or "doorbell"?
15-Poundy (Oinks "Mabel" again)
Mabel Ooooooooooohhhhh!!! 
Pacifica Northwest Oh look! Mabel found her real twin. (Laughs and walks away)
Mabel (Whispers:) Pacifica! (To Sprott:) Sir, I must have that pig!
Sprott Ah, old 15-Poundy! So, how much you guessin' he weighs?
Mabel Um, 15 pounds?
Sprott Are you some kind of witch? Well, here's your pig. (Gives Mabel 15-Poundy)
Crowd (Claps for Mabel)
Sprott (Gives Mabel fork and knife) And you'll be needin' these.
Mabel (Glares at Sprott)
Sprott Nope? Well, suit yourself!
Mabel (Hugs 15-Poundy) Everything is different now.
Wendy Whoa, check it out! I don't know if it's a duck or a panda, but I want one!
Dipper (Walks up to ball toss game) My uncle taught me the secret to these games. You aim for the carnie's head, and take the prize when he's unconscious.
Wendy Ha ha ha! Nice!
Dipper (Gives carnie money) One ball, please.
Ball game carnie (Gives Dipper ball) You only get one chance.
Wendy (Gives Dipper thumbs up)
Dipper And a-one and a-two and a-three! (Throws ball; it misses, bounces back, and hits Wendy in the eye)
Wendy AH! MY EYE!
Dipper Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Wendy! Are you okay?
Wendy Does it look swollen? (She has a black eye)
Dipper Everything's gonna be fine! Don't worry! I'll-I'll go get some ice! (runs to ice box, gets ice) Where is she, where is she? (Runs into Blendin Blandin and drops ice; scrapes it into the bag) Hey, watch where you're going, man!
Blendin (Grabs time machine and runs off)
Dipper (Finishes scraping ice into bag and starts toward Wendy; stops when he hears Robbie)
Robbie Just ease your eyeball into that freezy cone.
Wendy (With her eye in a snow cone) Robbie, thanks. That's really sweet. The gesture, and the flavored syrup.
Robbie Yeah, I was just here at the right place at the right time. Y'know, I've been meaning to ask you.. we've been spending a lot of time together and I was wondering if, maybe, you want to go out with me?
Wendy Yeah, I guess so.
Robbie Sweet!
Dipper is horrified. A balloon shaped like a heart is popped by a dart behind him. All the ice falls out of the bag.
Mabel (Comes up to Dipper with Waddles) Look, Dipper! I won my pet pig! His name is Waddles. I call 'im that because he waddles! (Shakes Waddles) Waaaaaaaa-dddllleeessss!
Dipper Everything is different now.
Mabel What are you lookin' at?
Dipper (Points at Robbie and Wendy getting on a ride called "Tunnel of Love and Corn-dogs")
Mabel Oh...
Night falls and the lights on the ferris wheel are turned on. Dipper lies down on the "Slopey Toss"
Pizza Guy Uh, are you gonna move?
Dipper Uhhhhhhhh..
Pizza Guy Aw... (disappointed, leaves)
Mabel (Holds up Waddles, who is dressed as a doctor) Paging Dr. Waddles, we got a boy here with a broken heart. Haha! Come on, man. These are the jokes.
Dipper Mabel, do you ever wish you could go back and undo just one mistake?
Mabel Nope! I do everything right, all the time! (Moves Waddles' arms around) Wa! Wa! Ee! Ee! Wawawa!
Dipper I mean Wendy only went out with Robbie because he was there with the ice, and she needed the ice because of the baseball, and I would've had the ice if it wasn't for... (gasp) that guy! (to Blendin Blandin) Hey, you! Toolbelt! You ruined my life! (walks up to him)





Don't huh me! I've seen you before! What's your deal? Are you following us around? 

Mabel And why are you bald? What's that all about?
Blendin AAAAAGH! My position has been COMPROMISED! Assuming stealth mode! (presses buttons on his watch, making his suit change to different backgrounds) Color match! Initiating color match! Come on, dang it! (takes out screwdriver and tries to fix it)
Mabel That's amazing! Are you from the future or something?
Blendin Uh, NO!! Who told you that?! MEMORY WIPE! (Throws baby wipe in Mabel's face)
Mabel (Looks at it) This is a baby wipe.
Blendin All right, you've cornered me. I'm... a time traveler.
Dipper So wait a minute, if you're from the future, do you have like a time machine, or something?
Blendin That's... kinda how it works.
Robbie and Wendy (Riding the Ferris wheel)
Dipper Can I borrow it?
Commercial Break
Dipper Come on, can I use your time machine just once?
Blendin Out of the question! You know, this is sensitive extremely complicated time equipment. (pulls out tape measure to show them)
Dipper It looks like a tape measure.
Blendin You shut your time-mouth!
Dipper (to Mabel:) This making any sense to you?
Mabel I think he's just crazy.
Blendin Oh! You don't believe me? (pulls tape measure, disappears, then reappears a few seconds later in old fashioned clothes) Guess where I was!
Dipper and Mabel Whoa!
Blendin That's right! 15 years ago there was a costume shop right here! One second. (disappears, then reappears in his normal suit, which is flaming) Ah! Aw, heck! Pat! Pat down! (pats the fire out)
Mabel So, who are you again?
Blendin Blendin Blandin, Time Anomaly Removal Crew year twenty sñeventy-twelve. My mission is to stop a series of time anomalies that are suppose to happen at this very location! But-but I don't see any anomalies! I don't know if it's some kind of paradox, or I'm just really tired... (sits down)
Dipper You know, you sound like you could use a break.
Mabel Definitely, definitely. Might we recommend one of the various attractions at the Mystery Fair?
Blendin (gets up) You know what? What the heck! I'm worth it! (starts to leave) But I've got my eye on you! Ehhh... ehhh... (arrives at the barrel ride, which Soos is operating) One please.
Soos Uh, sorry dude but you're gonna have to take your belt off for the ride. One of your tools might fly off and accidentally fix something.
Blendin (Gives it to him) Guard it with your life.
Soos I will watch it like a hawk, dude. (Starts ride and sets the belt on the barrel at his side)
Blendin Woooooo! Yaaaaaaayyy! Weeheee!
Dipper (Reaches over and takes the belt)
Soos Like a hawk!
Cut to Dipper, Mabel and Waddles sitting at the poker table in the Shack with the time machine on the table.
Dipper Here it is, Mabel. Our ticket to any moment in history.
Mabel Let's go get two dodos and force them to make out!
Dipper No! We gotta be smart about this. All that paradox talk kinda freaked me out. All I'm gonna do is go back and fix my one mistake. If I don't miss that base ball throw, I won't hit Wendy in the eye, and Robbie won't comfort her, and they won't start going out.
Mabel I'm coming, too! I wanna relive the greatest moment in my life: winning Waddles. (kisses Waddles)
Dipper (pulls out tape) See you later.
Mabel See you earlier! Ha yuk yuk yuk!
Dipper (releases the tape and high fives Mabel, making them both freeze)
Waddles (runs away, knocking a pile of cards of the table. He and the cards freeze)
Soos (eats half a sandwich, then freezes mid bite.
Pizza Man (throws a ball, which freezes, and he does too.)
Dipper and Mabel disappear.
Soos (Spits it out, eating it in reverse)
Pizza man (catches ball)
Dipper and Mabel (Reappear in same spot. Dipper's hat is on fire)
Dipper (pats fire) Ah! Ha! Ha!
Dipper and Mabel (smile at each other and run outside)
Stan It's 12 o'clock! The dunk tank is now open! Step right up and dunk me folks! I'm talking to you, Cut-offs!
Dipper (to Mabel:) Do-over?
Mabel Do over!
Sprott If'n you can gue–
Mabel (holding Waddles) 15 POUNDS! (Walks off, then comes back) And yes, I am a witch!
Sprott Well, time to round up a mob. (lights torch)
Dipper (catching up with Wendy) Hey, Wendy!
Wendy There you are. Hey, what happened to your hat?
Dipper Uh, nothing. Hey, look! What's that? (going to carnival stand)
Wendy Whoa! Check it out! I don't know if it's a duck or a panda, but I want one.
Dipper (to Ball game carnie:) One ball, please.
Ball game carnie You only get one chance.
Dipper That's what you think... One panda-duck, comin' right up! Okay, Dipper, second chance, don't mess this up. (throws ball, knocks down all the cans) Yes! (The ball hits the back of the stand and bounces back and hits Wendy in the eye.)
Dipper What?!
Wendy Does it look swollen?
Dipper (looks at hands) That's so weird...
Wendy Oh, hey Robbie.
Robbie So anyway, we've been hanging out a lot and I've been wondering if, maybe, you would want to go out with me?
Wendy Yeah, I guess so.
Mabel is feeding Waddles a caramel apple while Dipper talks to her
Dipper The exact same thing happened twice; it was spooky.
Mabel Oo, maybe it's a time-curse. Waddles, can you say "time-curse"?
Waddles Oink-oink! 
Mabel Ooooooohhhhhhh! (picks him up) Your face is so fat!
Dipper It is possible that the forces of time naturally conspire to undo any new outcomes? No, I just need to try again. Third time's the charm!
Mabel How hard could it be?
Dipper and Mabel (pull the tape and disappear)
A crowd with torches walks around
Carnie Find the witch!
Montage of Dipper trying to win the game without hitting Wendy in the eye, and failing every time
Dipper Wendy, how badly do you want that stuffed animal thing?
Wendy More than anything in the world, Dipper.
Dipper Ahkay... (throws ball, which bounces off the back, hits the carnie, the stuffed animal, and a bag of balls, breaking the bag open and spilling the balls on Wendy)
Robbie (helps her up and shakes his head at Dipper)
Mabel (riding the ferris wheel with Waddles) I LOVE MY PIG!!
Mabel and Dipper are waiting near a popcorn machine, which Dipper is writing on.
Dipper ...I just thought the wind speed.. factoring cotton candy...
Mabel Face it, Dipper, you're obviously fated to have a bad day at the fair, just like I'm fated to be with Waddles. (shows him the sweater she's knitting, which has a pig on the front)
Dipper Like there's one variable missing...
Mabel What's a variable?
Dipper That's it! I've figured out to win the toss, not hit Wendy, and stop Wendy and Robbie from going out!
Mabel Great! I'm gonna go win my pig again. (walks off)
Dipper Whoa whoa whoa, you can't leave, I need you for my plan!
Mabel But what about Waddles?
Dipper It'll just take a few minutes, let's go! (pulls her away. Later, Dipper is at the game, looking at the wind speeds and everything)
Wendy Are you gonna go, man?
Dipper And a-one and a-two and a-uh! (throws ball straight up)
Wendy Ah! Dude! You missed!
Dipper Did I? (the ball comes back down, rolls down the tent, flies up, hits the windgage, rolls down a pipe which Mabel lifts up, and flies at the dunk tank target)
Crowd Huh!
The ball hits the target and nothing happens
Crowd Aaww!
Stan Ahaha!
The ball comes back and flies between Dipper and Wendy, knocks down all the cans, and bounces off the back of the stand, and breaks through the top of the tent
Ball game Carnie Your stuffed creature of indeterminate species, miss. (gives Wendy Duck-panda)
Wendy (squeezes it) Oh, awesome!
Dipper (catches the ball in his hat)
Robbie There you are, Wendy!
Wendy Hey, Robbie.
Robbie So I was wondering it I.. you a...
Wendy Look what Dipper got for me!
Robbie Pfft. Whatever. Can't even tell what species it is. Stupid. (pulls hood over face and walks away)
Wendy What's his deal? Looks like I came to the fair with the right guy.
Bell game carnie We have a winner!
Mabel (coming up behind Dipper. Dipper gives her a thumbs up) Anytime, broseph. Now to win my pig. AH!
Sprott (to Pacifica:) He's all yours! No one else's! Ol' 15-Poundy. Yours. Forever!
Pacifica (Links leash onto 15-Poundy and pulls him away)
15-Poundy (Disobeys Pacifica) SQEEEEEEEEEEEEAAALLLL!!!
Mabel (Screams and runs away)
Dipper and Wendy are riding the Tunnel of Love and Corn dogs and laughing
Wendy That was even more awesome the third time around! Funnel cake! Let's go get some, Dipper! (runs off)
Dipper What's–
Dipper Mabel, what's–
Mabel AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Dipper I'll just wait until you're done.
Mabel I'm done.
Dipper Okay, what is wrong?
Mabel We messed up the timeline! Pacifica saw the flyer and won Waddles before I did! She TOOK Waddles, Dipper!
Dipper Oh, Mabel, I'm sorry.
Mabel It's okay. We just need to go back (takes time machine from Dipper) and do things differently.
Dipper Mabel! Wait. (Takes time machine back) Look. I did the math. In any other timeline, Wendy ends up going out with Robbie. I can't mess up this day again!
Mabel But if we don't go, I'll lose Waddles forever! (Tries to take the time machine back)
Another car comes by and catches the tape, pulling it out a long way before letting go. Dipper and Mabel land flat on their faces on a dirt path.
Dipper When are we?
Mabel The real question is: when are we? Oh wait, did you already–
Dipper Yeah, I already–
Mabel Alright.
Dipper It's the same thing. Do you hear that?
Buffalo (stampede)
Dipper and Mabel AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! (run and fall off a cliff) AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! (fall through the roof of a caravan and onto some flour)
Settler Be on the lookout for mountain lions, travelers!
Settler 2 (with a canteen) Dysentery! Who wants dysentery?
Grady Forge ahead, mighty oxen, for a new life awaits us on this... Oregon trail.
Mabel Where are we? The 70s?
Dipper You sent us back 150 years, genius, it's pioneer times!
Grady By Trembley! Fertilia, it seems you've given birth to two more children!
Fertilia It appears I have. More little hands to render the tallow.
Mabel Tallow? What?
Boy Her mouth is filled with silver, mother!
Mabel These are called braces.
Dipper Mabel, we can't start messing with the past!
Mabel Oh, says the guy who messed with the past all day and cost me my pig? (holds up calculator) I'll mess with whatever I want! (to boy:) Check it out! A magic button machine! (gives it to him) Shoes that blink! (stomps on the floor and her shoes light up)
Meccs Ooooooooohhhhhh!
Dipper (takes calculator from boy)
Mabel (to Fertilia:) Hey, sister! Guess who gets to vote in the future! Ladies!! Up top! (high fives her) That's called a high five! Teach it to your friends!
Dipper (takes time machine from her) Give me that! I'm gonna set the timeline right! (pulls tape and he and Mabel disappear. They appear in front of a large carnivorous dinosaur)
Dipper and Mabel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Dipper (frantically presses buttons on the time machine and they disappear)
Dinosaur (tries to eat them but misses)
Dipper and Mabel (appear in the future. Everything is in ruins and there are two moons)
Freedom Fighter 1 Run! Run!
Freedom Fighter 2 IT'S COMING!
Time Baby (floats over and destroys a building with laser eyes) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Mabel This future seems neat!
Dipper (takes time machine and presses buttons frantically. They appear at the Gravity Falls Lake, at the opening day of fishing season)
Mabel I'M COMING, WADDLES!! (Runs off)
Dipper Hey! (runs after her and drops the calculator)
Now they are at the unveiling of Wax Stan
Stan But enough about me, behold: ME!
Dipper (trips over wire and loses his shoe)
They run across the yard of the Mystery Shack while the gnomes are cornering the golf cart. Mabel's flower pin flies out of her hair. They appear again in the same spot years ago, but this time it is snowing)
Mabel This thing is getting hotter! (tosses it from hand to hand) HOT! HOTHOTHOT!
Mabel I DON'T KNOW!!!
Mabel and Dipper disappear. After they are gone, Ford Pines opens the shack door and closes it after checking. Dipper and Mabel appear in a complete darkness.
Mabel Where are we?
Dipper There's nothing but inky blackness for miles! Mabel, don't you see? We've transported to the end of time!!!
Mabel AAAGH!
Mabel AAAGH!
Mabel AAAGH! Wait, why does it smell so bad in here? (finds a door and opens it. They are in the portable toilet at the Mystery Fair) Look, we're back in the present!
Dipper But which present?
Wendy (with the panda-duck) This is the best present ever!
Dipper Yes!
15-Poundy (Trying to get away from Pacifica) SQUUUEEEEEAAALLLLL!!
Mabel NO!!! (Chases Dipper) Gimme that thing! Dipper give it back!
Dipper (climbs to top of portable toilet) Look, Mabel, it's over! Okay? Give it up! I've worked too hard to lose this!
Mabel But what about Waddles? He was my soulmate!
Dipper You said that about a ball of yarn once! Do you really want Wendy to date Robbie?
Mabel I don't know... (starts to hit her head against the totem pole)
Dipper You're not guilt-tripping me, Mabel. Not this time.
Mabel (doesn't stop hitting her head against the pole)
Dipper Come on, Mabel, I know you. You're gonna forget about this in a day! (takes time machine out of pocket) Here! Hey! I'll prove it! (goes forward a day) See? (Mabel is still hitting her head on the pole) Okay, maybe you'll forget in a week... (goes forward a week, no improvement. Dipper starts to sweat) A month! She'll better in a month! (forward a month)
Mabel (Vines growing on her legs) Waddles... (smack) Waddles...(smack)
Soos (leading a tour group) ...And when you look at your left, you'll see Miserable Mabel: a girl who went bonkers after her dreams were shattered by some heartless jerk. Oh, hey, Dipper!
Dipper (watches Mabel) Uh... grrrr! (goes back. He is walking up to the ball game with Wendy)
Wendy I don't know if it's a duck or a panda, but I want one!
Dipper (Sigh) Wendy, I just wanted to say that, well I just wanted say that people makes mistakes, and when they do, you should forgive them. And also that tight pants are overrated.
Wendy Dude, you lost me. 
Dipper I know... (to carnie:) One ball, please.
Ball game Carnie You only get one chance.
Dipper And a-one and a-two and a-huh! (throws ball, hits Wendy)
Robbie Hey, Wendy are you okay? You know this is the perfect time for me to ah... ask you something..
Dipper It is done.
Mabel (Attacks him in a hug and lifts him up) DIPPER!!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! Hmmm!
Waddles (Oinks the sound similar to "thank you")
Mabel He's saying thank you in Pig! Aren't you, Waddles?
Waddles (Oinks "thank you" two times and turns body around and kicks his legs)
Pacifica (Being pecked by a chicken) Ow-Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!...
Dipper I couldn't break your heart, Mabel. Besides, there's no way Wendy can date Robbie all summer, right?
Blendin (takes time machine) YOU TWO!!!!
Dipper and Mabel AAAGH!
Waddles WEEE!
Blendin Do you have any idea, how many rules you just broke?! I'm asking; I wasn't there with you... it was probably a lot, right?
Dundgren (he and Lolph appear next to Blendin) Blendin Blandin...
Blendin AAAAGH! The Time Paradox Avoidment Enforcement Squadron!!
Lolph That's right, and our phones have been ringing off the hook! There are settlers high-fiving in the 1800's and calculators littered through eight centuries!
Dundgren You're under arrest for violation of the Time Traveler's Code of Conduct. (handcuffs him and leads him away)
Blendin It was those kids! And their leader, Waddles!
Lolph That's a pig, Blendin.
Blendin (to Dipper and Mabel:) I'll get you for this! I'll go back in time and make sure your parents never MEET!!
Dipper Well, we're still here.
Mabel Guess he forgot to go back.
Stan Ha, you suckers! Your pockets are empty and I'm still sittin' high and dry!
Crowd BOOOO!!!!
Stan Boo! Ha, boo! I love it! Hey, biceps! I'm talking to you, haircut! Take you best shot!
Lolph (shoots Stan down and leaves)
Mabel So I guess we never found out who was causing those time anomalies Blendin was looking for.
Dipper Wait, Mabel; I think it was us.
Mabel Ugh, my brain hurts.
Dipper Oh, geez, I gotta deal with this all summer?
Robbie (feeding Wendy caramel apple) It's good; it's caramel.
Mabel I'm on it. (points Waddles at the apple)
Waddles HUH! (runs at Robbie, making him drop the apple. Waddles eats it.)
Robbie (backs into a table and spills a buck of hot water on himself) My pants! They're shrinking!
Everyone laughs.
Wendy (Laughs) Oh man.
Dipper That'll do pig, That'll do.
Cut to end credits.
Time Baby (suspending Blendin in a void) You have broken the eternal laws of space time!
Blendin I beg your mercy, Time Baby!
Time Baby You now must clean up all the anomalies!
Blendin (Picks up the calculator) Ta tum, ta tee ta tum! (goes to the time of the flower that was dropped. To gnome:) What are you looking at? (Disappears)

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